Hey ~ Mangalover here.

This space is dedicated to the 99% of my life that is reading manga, watching anime, gaming a little, reading fanfiction and basically anything related to the above-mentioned interests and stuff I love.

I don’t like calling it a ‘review blog’. I just really love sharing about my interests and how it’s affected my life. Especially manga. Guess you could say this is more like a ‘personal reflection and recommendation kind of space’ where I get to dump whatever that’s related to my fandoms.

I’m sorry I don’t update very often though.

If you’d like recommendations, please Talk to Me, I’d be happy to help however I can 😀 Would love to get recommendations from you guys too! Manga, anime, music, fanfiction, doujinshi, whatever. Although there’s always a constant growing list of stuff to read and watch and play… oh well, always keen for more ~

WARNING: I’m pretty open about any and all sorts of genres. This includes NSFW content, heavy use of profanity/violence, blood/gore, same sex relationships and/or other storylines/scenes that may incite discomfort or negative thoughts/emotions of any kind. Will be sure to provide a heads up on those.

Thank you very much for visiting!

I hope you enjoy Manga, my life. as much as I enjoy writing in it 🙂

Update 29/05 : Occasional updates. Would like to catch up with some backlog but other life responsibilities have been taking its toll. 


About Me

A.k.a. Killua or Nic.

Location: Singapore.

I’m a geek and what most people would call an オタク (Otaku) — someone who is obsessed very deeply interested in Japanese manga and anime etc. It’s a pretty derogatory term in Japan, but that’s the truth, so I’m okay with it.

Sometimes I cosplay too. But reading manga is the best.

For a complete list of manga/anime I’ve read/watched, see MyAnimeList. I also have a Facebook page, but am most often on Twitter and Instagram. Hit me up if you’d like to chat or just a friendly hello!


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