Live: Live Spectacle Naruto – Song of the Akatsuki –

Ah crap! I’d totally forgotten this’s been in my drafts for the past 2 weeks and was planning to post about it AAARGHHH… Better late than never I guess. I swear everything I post is late -_-

Even though Singapore’s such a small, small country, I’m honestly happy and extremely fortunate to have grown up and continue to live here, especially concerning my hobbies and interests. There’re a lot of reasons I can list, but one of them is definitely how there is no lack of entertainment productions brought in from overseas. In this case, I think we were pretty darn fortunate to have the Naruto Stage play company stop by for a weekend of shows (again)!

The Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands hosted the Live Spectacle Naruto – Song of the Akatsuki – on 10 and 11 June a week and a half ago! A few friends and I went to watch the last show on 11 June (Sun) at 6pm. It was SO AWESOME!!

– Song of the Akatsuki – is the sequel to the first Naruto stage play and and takes place after the time skip, covering the the series’s story from the start of Shippuden. 2 years ago the first Live Spectacle Naruto was brought to Singapore, but unfortunately I was overseas and couldn’t see the show — Super grateful to the friends who helped me get souvenirs then XD There was no way I was gonna miss this one!

If I remember correct, the whole time we spent in the theatre was almost 3 hours with a 20 min interval, but I can’t give a very accurate show duration. Was too excited to pay attention to the time, to be honest /o\

A few fans cosplayed to the show and I should’ve asked for photos from other cosplayers too, but was too busy queuing for stage play merchandise and spazzing with friends XD


And of course there were many who wore appropriate weeb-wear for the occassion… me included:

I don’t know much about stage plays and have always only seen snippets of other anime-adapted stage plays online, but getting the chance to watch my first anime-adapted stage play live was an eye-opening experience! The way the effects and story were portrayed on stage through a 2.5D experience — where both digital (from the huge screen backdrop) and physical effects+movement were synchronised — was intriguing to watch!

From stage design to lighting to costume to projection, everything was really cool!! All the actors and actresses were so on point as the characters and their voices were amazing, aaaaaahhhhh! Especially liked Yamato and Orochimaru’s voices ❤ At the end of the performance, the actors and actressess even went down to the seats to high-five the audience! Everyone was cheering and having such fun — That was the best! XD

From what I heard from the friends who watched the previous stage play when it was showing in Sg 2 years back, this sequel included many more musical numbers and was a lot darker in atmosphere — The previous play included the genins and the atmosphere + interaction was livelier as compared to the later storyline involving the akatsuki and Sasuke + Itachi’s relationship.

It was definitely a good move going into the theatre foyer with time to spare before the show because that meant we had time to get stage play merchandise and pose with the awesome backdrop! \o/

Totally went wild taking lots of photos, most of which I won’t be sharing here XDD

Bunch’a WEEBS.

Got the programme of course! Along with Yamato and Jugo’s photosets ❤ Too bad Sai’s photoset was super popular and had sold out by the time we were there D8

Yamato and Jugo ❤

We were still really hyped up after the show and continued spazzing about it some more over supper. I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed Live Spectacle Naruto -火影忍者- no matter the people (or lack of) I was with, but I couldn’t have asked for better show company ❤ Those weebs were at least 30% of the fun. HAHA.

Currently wondering if there’ll be a continuation of the Naruto stage play series in the future. Along with so many other fans in the world, it’s no stretch to say I grew up with Naruto. No matter how many years pass, no matter that I’m not in the fandom anymore, the series will always have a small, permanent space in my heart.

I hope if more productions happen, they’ll be brought to Singapore yet again. Will be looking forward to when that happens!


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