FCBD 2017 – Just the loot

Was originally thinking of combining this post with another event post from last weekend, but couldn’t format the flow of paragraphs and get what I wanted to say just right. Going to split them up instead.

Last Saturday (6 May) was Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)! If you’re not familiar with the geek date, the first May of every year is a day where… well… the comic community celebrates and free comic books are given out at participating stores!

In some countries, cosplayers can be seen about and other cool panels and guest appearances etc. happens, but it’s not as a big a thing in Singapore so a few stores just give out free comics in addition to other small things going on. Probably the biggest participating store in this tiny-ass country would be Kinokuniya at its main store, but the FCBD Singapore FB page would be the best info on that.

I’m not a huge comic fan, but I have a pretty big soft spot for comics in general, seeing as I grew up on popular heroes like batman and spiderman, then fell deep into manga. Being able to sample a few series is a total bonus XD

Unfortunately, I spent the Saturday working and couldn’t be be a part of FCBD in person (unlike last year),  but a friend was an absolute lifesaver and helped me collect the bag of free comics from Kinokuniya’s main store.

Free comics including a postcard and charm gift from friends ❤

The bag from Kinokuniya included about 22 issues of different kinds of comics and a voucher for a nearby restaurant! If you’re interested in the full catalog of free comics that were given out, you can see them all here. Totally a given each bag doesn’t include all the available comics every year, but I’m pretty sure we got more comics as compared to last year’s bag, whoaGot stuff on Scott Westerfield, Bongo, Attack on Titan (definitely more used to calling it by its Japanese name, ahaha), Riverdale, Disney Descendants, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wonder Woman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to name a few.

Thank you so much, M, for helping me collect the FCBD bag aaaaaah!!! ~~ ❤ Totally owe her a meal or something for the trouble. Might consider blogging about the issues at a much later date but we’ll see about that.

If you’re interested in comics even a little, you might want to keep a little note on the first Saturday in May every year for Free Comic Book Day! Really hope to continue this streak of collecting FCBD freebies each year 🙂

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