Update after Japan: Still sick.

It’s been a week and a half since I’ve been back from Japan, and I am STILL SICK OTL

Man, this is pretty horrible. Fell ill about halfway through my time in Northern Kyushu with a cold and had to go around with a mask for a number of days. About 2 weeks since then and I’ve still got and itchy throat and some phlegm stuck in me. It’s not so bad when I’m totally silent, but when I open my mouth to talk or laugh — or breathe, which is a lot — the whoosh of air irritates my throat and there goes the coughing, sometimes mild wheezing. Doesn’t really help that my work requires me to talk and every time I meet friends I end up laughing, ahahaha, crap. Been spending a lot of time lying in bed reading or sleeping because I couldn’t muster up the effort to do much else. It hasn’t been that good. I haven’t been the weight I am now since I was a mid-teen, which is mildly disturbing /o\ Hope I get better as soon as possible.

I really need to get better because tomorrow night, I’ll be leaving for USA with my family. HAHA.

Wow, 2 trips in the span of 2 months?! Yeeeeeep! Don’t know how it happened—lies, I know exactly how—but will be spending 2 weeks there for an important family trip! \o/ It’ll be my first time in the US, so I’m like 10x more nervous that I was going to Japan, but so very EXCITED and looking forward to totally new experience!!! Hope everything goes alright! (ง •̀_•́)ง

Here’re a few—very few—photos from Yufuin, Northern Kyushu for the moment 😄

Will try to catch up on backlog for manga and on the trips when I’m back, but definitely need to churn out a short post on a local convention I went to last weekend (Doujima) before leaving, so look forward to that soon! \o>


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