Japan in less than a day ~

Yup, that’s right! At this time tomorrow, A friend and I will be on a plane to the Land of the Rising Sun!! WOOHOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

So frigging excited!!!! Also a little nervous, ahahahaha. But definitely many times more excited! (ง •̀_•́)ง

B and I will be there for a week, visiting the South Western part of Japan, Fukuoka and Nagasaki ~~ \o/\0/ This trip came about after I decided to look at couple flight offers during the Valentines’ Day promo period just for fun, and it suddenly hit that B and I could probably find a good offer to visit a really good friend of ours who’s working there, Taco XD I never actually found a good Valentines’ Day offer, but hey, the flight prices I found weren’t bad at all… and the rest is history.

Eustacia (a.k.a Taco, to B and I) was an old schoolmate who got a scholarship to study in Japan. She’s now working there and totally encouraged us to visit her before she moves back to Singapore. If you’re interested in reading some of her awesome experiences, her blog is titled, With Love From Japan, Eustacia.

She’s a great writer and shares about many things, like living and studying in Japan as a foreign student, traveling, job hunting and lots of other intriguing topics. Please do check it out!

It’s not the first time B and I have been to Kyushu, but we’ve never had the chance to explore that area of Japan as much as we had hoped. Being able to visit a close friend and stay with them for a bit was totally the icing on the cake!

Got most of our itinerary planned out ~ \o/ Was a little tough finding detailed travel information on the South Western part of Japan, but it was expected that information isn’t as readily available as compared to the capital.  Highly likely I’ll still be bringing back a crap-load of weeb and otaku stuff in addition to snacks — my half empty luggage and extra bags will make sure of that — but unlike what I probably would’ve planned had I been going to Tokyo, we’ve got lots of sightseeing to do. I’m really looking forward to it!

Will definitely share a little about the trip after B and I are back, but if you’d like to keep up with our adventures somewhat, you could probably check my Dayre or Instagram although I can’t guarantee updates.

See ya guys!! Hope everyone has a good week ahead too!


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