First Impressions (Manga): Koe Koi

Been trying to read a number of completed series now that I’ve got a little more time and haven’t felt so down recently. It always takes awhile to get through them but I’m trying my best not to forget and give up reading a series halfway like what I’ve inadvertently been doing previously, HAHA.

Just finished a Shounen, titled Mx0, and am currently reading Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no Juunin), but this was one that I tried before Mx0. Why did I start on it when it’s still ongoing, I will never know… -_-

A short one for a cute, quick read.

Manga: Koe Koi「こえ恋」(roughly translated to Voice Love)

Koe Koi vol 1 cover

Koe Koi is a Shoujo, comedy, romance, slice of life in school by Doruru. It started publishing in 2015 and is currently ongoing, serialised in Comico Japan — the application that publishes original web comics, novels, and digitalised comics. Published chapters so far have been compiled into 2 tankobon volumes. I’ve currently only read 11 chapters of the series because that’s all that’s been scanlated since writing this post.

I’d first heard about Koe Koi when I saw the news about its 2016 live-action drama when it was announced that Takahiro Sakurai — voice of Kururugi Suzaku (Code Geass), Griffith (Berserk films), Makishima Shougo (Psycho Pass), Matsuno Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san) and many other well-known anime characters — was going to voice the male protagonist. I’m not familiar with Japanese actors, but I know a little bit on seiyuu and damn is Takahiro Sakurai amazing at what he does. He’s one of the most popular and well-known seiyuu in the industry and his voice is distinctive and beautiful. The synopsis sounded kind of cute and I put it in my way too long to-read-list and just spontaneously decided to pick it up while thinking about something short and sweet to read.

WARNING: Nothing. It’s short, cute and sweet. Well… there’s a touch on psychological trauma maybe? but it’s just a tiny, little touch so far.

Koe Koi is seriously so cute! Ok, I’ve said that a lot, but my limited vocabulary and stunted mental faculties fail me in summing up this series in a better way OTL

It’s simple, straightforward, definitely cliche and predictable, but still really cute. If you’ve got a soft spot for anything Shoujo — innocent romances and relationship building, maybe some puking of rainbows and flowers for good measure, Koe Koi has a ton of that sweet feeling XD

I guess this series could be categorised more as a webcomic due to the format it is published online on Comico. Unlike other traditional manga, it goes with a long scrolling format of panelling and is also published entirely in colour.

The series is simply drawn with beautiful colours. It looks like it’s painted softly in vibrant water colour, with minimal contrast unless the atmosphere calls for it. The change in backgrounds and colours based on atmosphere portrayed is really pretty.

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s an easy, comfortable read with how the story is paneled and spread out. Maybe a little bit too comfortable if you can’t get used to the space… especially if you’re reading it in the page format, like how it’s broken down with you having to click to the next page on most scanlation sites.

With all the components above added up, Koe Koi evokes overall soft, pleasant feelings of the fluffy kind (ふわふわ〜). If you’re thinking of trying this short and sweet series out, you might want to consider reading it on a manga app that allows for continuous scrolling downwards for pages. You’d be able to get the full-experience of Koe Koi’s atmosphere and pacing then.

I really want to find out more about the elusive Matsubara and see his relationship with the cute protagonist, Yuiko develop, but at this rate, it might probably be better reading it in Japanese somewhere, somehow… or watching the live-action drama since my Japanese is bad. Which… I just might consider soon XD


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