#Nowplaying SEKAI NO OWARI

Last Sunday was a pretty darn busy day. Awhile ago I decided to throw myself in the deep end by planning a cosplay photoshoot with friends in the day, and then rushing for a concert after. Needless to say, I totally don’t regret what I did, but damn was it draining. Didn’t help that I was a little sick at that time too so now, 3 days later, I’m aching and recovering from a cold OTL Currently feel pretty crappy, but I really wanted everything down with the memories of how awesome SekaOwa’s concert was still kind of fresh 🙂

SEKAI NO OWARI held their first live gig in Singapore at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa last Sunday evening. I’m actually on their Youtube channel as I type this out, hahaha ~

SEKAI NO OWARI is a 4-member Japanese band originating from Tokyo. The band consists of: Nakajin (leader and lead guitar), Fukase (lead vocals), Saori (piano) and DJ Love (disc jockey).

Even if it was their first live here, this is actually their 2nd time in the country. The first time they came to Singapore was to shoot a video and do a few interviews etc., like this one.

They have a very diverse sound and don’t keep to any specific genre, taking inspiration from pop/rock/electro-pop/indie-pop/jazz/classical and etc., but always have cheery—sometimes party and rave too—vibes thrown in. Their catchy tunes appeal to a wide range of audiences, from young kids to adults. Lead vocalist Fukase often performs in English to appeal to international fans as well and the band has an English album in production to be released this year (2017), working with producers like Nicky Romero, Clean Bandit and Owl City.

SekaOwa’s songs have been used for the 2013 Crayon Shin-chan movie and both of the live-action Shingeki no Kyojin films (the films weren’t good but the music was), with albums topping the Oricon charts multiple times. Fukase’s voice was also used to produce a Vocaloid by the same name in 2016.

Their style, whether music, or visual image, is always really interesting and quirky X) They’re also known for their beautiful and elaborate stage set ups, as can be seen from their 2016 tour, The Dinner in Japan.

Don’t remember how I got into their music, but I remember the first song of theirs that I fell in love with was Dragon Night.

What I heard then was actually the Japanese version of the song, but this English version is just as addicting. I can’t find the Japanese version on Youtube now ):

A friend and I got VIP tickets for the concert cos we definitely couldn’t pass up a chance to have a photo taken with the band and priority entry to the free-standing concert XD Unfortunately, because the photo-taking with SekaOwa was in the afternoon, the both of us had to leave our planned photoshoot with friends earlier and rush down to the concert venue, haha! OTL

The venue was outdoors, but sheltered with pretty good wind circulation (thank goodness). It was warm (as usual in Singapore), but we weren’t sweating much or anything at least until during the concert (which is expected). Had to wait about an hour and a half in the venue for the concert, but I spent the time catching up on some much-needed rest so it wasn’t too bad a wait.

Besides getting the chance to take a group photo with the band and shaking their hands, going for VIP was so totally worth how close we were to the stage! We were just 3 lines away from the front! \o/ I’m short, so no matter how close I am, I’ll always be blocked unless I’m in the first row, but we were close enough to see everything clearly, which was really awesome.

It was so cool how there were so many people of different ages, adults, teenagers, families with young kids etc. (many Japanese) in this free-standing concert. Even when people were getting into the music and jumping around/raving, it wasn’t crazy with pushing or everyone getting into others’ space and stuff. I know other more hardcore music is a totally different story and I understand the difference in live atmosphere — especially since I’ve attended a One OK Rock live in this same venue a few years back — but I really appreciated how stress-free it was! The civilised, family-friendly atmosphere was really comfortable 🙂

Unlike their other lives (especially in Japan), they didn’t have a big stage set up this time 😦 Oh well, it’s probably way too difficult and expensive to do something like that for an overseas concert tour.

Their tracklist that night included (not in order):

  • Starlight Parade
  • Love the Warz
  • Monsoon Night
  • RPG
  • Anti-hero
  • SOS
  • One More Night (new)
  • Nemuri Hime
  • Snow Magic Fantasy
  • Hey Ho
  • Mr Heartache
  • Death Disco
  • Instant Radio
  • Maboroshi no Inochi
  • Dragon Night (last song)
  • Hono to Mori Carnival (encore)

Actually can’t remember any others that was played (there was one more encore too), but was super hyped when some of my favourites was like Anti-hero, Starlight Parade, Death Disco and Hey Ho. I kind of… went a bit crazy when they played Dragon Night for the last song ahaha ~

Friend and I were a little bummed not much merchandise was being sold at the concert — Only a T-shirt and cap and the cap sold out way before the concert. At least our wallets were somewhat saved. The T-shirt was honestly kind of bland (and expensive) with just the stylised band name on the front and nothing else, but we got them anyway because we wanted souvenirs besides the ribbons that was shot into the crowd which smacked my friend’s arm in a roll like in the photo above, HAHA.

They were such gracious artists. I’m so glad I got to see them live in Singapore ~

They’re such a feel-good band, it’s great! If you’re even just a little interested in alternative and indie pop with inspiration from a whole range of genres, or even a quirky style of music and image in general, please do try SEKAI NO OWARI out. You’ll have fun, I promise 8))


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