Manga: Mother’s Spirit

The past week has been especially draining on my psychological well-being so I’m trying my best to do things that I know make me happy. Here’s one for a Yaoi I read last year 🙂

Manga: Mother’s Spirit「マザ—ズスピリット」



Mother’s Spirit is a Yaoi, romance, comedy by Enzou. It was serialised in Chara Selection from September 2014 to June 2015 and is complete with 6 chapters compiled into 1 tankobon volume.

University employee Ryouichirou is ordered by the Chairman to take in an exchange student. Unfortunately for Ryouichirou, exchange student Qaltaqa is a tribal warrior of the Lutah tribe from a developing country and can’t understand Japanese. Even though Qaltaqa’s a man of great beauty, having to put up with him being afraid of the phone and TV among other things, it’s no surprise Ryouichirou loses his patience in exasperation. But the longer they stay together, the more Ryouichirou has a change of heart.

WARNING: Guyxguy. NSFW. Explicit, parts shown and not censored during the one scene.

Came across some news on this manga via Twitter and was totally drawn to the beautiful cover so decided to start on it. I don’t think I had read much of Enzou-sensei’s works then, but after reading this, she definitely shot up to near the top of my prefered Yaoi/BL mangakas list. I’ve read all her published works now, ehehe ~

Mother’s Spirit was straightforward and to the point. None of the man-pain angst or debate on conflicting feelings (or at least they were so little that everything passed in the blink of an eye). The plot development’s also pretty darn ridiculous and convenient, but hey, aren’t lots of Yaoi and BL like that? XD

I always have such a frustrating time describing BLs and Yaois because it’s so tough to communicate the atmosphere of the story in words. I mean, there usually isn’t much to it in the first place, whether on plot or other substance of story, but just plain porn and more porn is boring.

Mother’s Conflict was the kind of story where the romance between the two guys were pretty much in your face, but not overbearingly so. It wasn’t forceful in any way, just natural. Conflict and angst in a story is great, but most of the time I prefer uncomplicated romances and characters like these. It was refreshing to read about characters who just went for what they wanted and then be accepting of whatever happened next.

    1-1     1-2
    Colour image                                                    Chp 1 pg 24

Enzou-sensei’s art is really bold and clean and I like it a lot. Her soft, but vibrant colour style is very appealing too. She totally nails the beautiful, sometimes downright hilarious, expressions of the important characters in each specific situation and you can’t help your heart from feeling for the characters and thinking they’re beautiful in their own way.

I… also have a bias towards an art style where the guys are drawn with muscle definition and chiseled, strong features… plus a preference for relatively buff characters. Ahahahaha… Not to mention, the way the sex scene was portrayed was pretty darn sexy.


Chp 1 Pg 21

From the manga and what I’ve read in the mangaka afterword, Enzou-sensei’s sense of humor is pretty darn fun. I love how she portrays comical situations without deforming her characters too much. It’s not that she’s extremely unique or anything like that, but she’s definitely a quirky person. It’s probably a given that you have to be a quirky kind of individual to be able to draw appealing manga in the first place XD

The one thing that irked me about the whole series was… its title. HAHA. There was one tiny part in the entire volume that pretty much gave the idea of how it came about, but ‘Mother’s Spirit’ still feels like such a random title and doesn’t fit the series at all, at least to me. I guess there’re a lot of Yaoi and BL series out there with mismatched titles.

But anyway, this is just me sounding ridiculous going off on something small like that. I definitely enjoyed every other aspect of the series. If you’re looking for a Yaoi that’s short, straightforward, fluffy, but still sexy and mature, you should check out Mother’s Spirit.

6 thoughts on “Manga: Mother’s Spirit

  1. OMG I LOVED THIS SERIES www Was gonna ask you to go and read it if you haven’t. (But then I never recommend yaoi usually out of embarassment www /coughs)

    Yeah it’s like pure fluff and nothing else. Good for a cute read though.

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  2. Love her art style for sure!
    Same with having trouble and struggling with writing about most BL’s, it’s why there isn’t more BL content on my blog. Like they met, they kissed, they fucked is usually what it all boils down too haha…

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