Happy CNY + A little personal update

Where I am, it’s the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year (a.k.a. Chinese New Year)! Got some free time now that my family’s kind of done with visiting so here I am feeding my blog and keeping it alive, hahaha.

If you celebrate the holiday where you are (or even if you don’t), Happy Chinese New Year!
Wishing everyone a healthy, joyous and prosperous Year of the Rooster ahead 🙂

I know I’ve mentioned it so many times already, but man… I miss having more time to read manga, watch anime and blog, among other things. Having too many darn hobbies along with trying to keep up a social life and not die with work and other life responsibilities in general gets hectic, not to mention stressful. Ironic huh. I actually need to remind myself to relax and not try to rush into so many responsibilities even if I love them, like cosplay.

But hey, at least I’m getting a little more time to read manga and fanfiction again now. Life’s been stressful, but I can’t say I’ve been unhappy. My hobbies, friends and family make sure of that 🙂

Well, I’m hanging on I guess… and I’ll continue to do so, just like how I’m desperately trying to keep this blog alive, HAHA. Whether it be your hobbies, the people in your life or anything else, I hope you guys all have a little something that keeps you going too.

2 thoughts on “Happy CNY + A little personal update

    • Thank you!
      Yeah! I don’t play, but lots of my friends do so I’ve seen the costumes and sprays 8DD The Blizzard Overwatch team’s been pretty darn awesome keeping up with the holiday hypes — the CNY stuff look great too!

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