To be honest, the only reason why this has a post of its own is because I couldn’t find a place to slot this into my planned New Year’s post and I really wanted to share it here XD

If I currently had to rank my hobbies, Cosplay would no doubt come out higher than Blogging. There’re on and off seasons for this though so I expect the first half of 2017 will be a relatively quiet time in regards to Cosplay because most events happen at a later part of the year.

I’ve been in this hobby for a long time and it’s shaped a huge part of who I am today. Might have to tone it down now that I’m not as free as before, but I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Here’s my #cosplay2016 summary collage:


7/9 new characters (Nishinoya and Glitch was from before), with 1 in 2 versions. 2016 was also the year I fully sewed my first costume from scratch \o/ 2 in fact.
Even though I’ve been cosplaying for a long time, where I am, we’re really lucky in that we have reasonably-priced access to a lot of conveniences. Gotta work hard to get better at this sewing business now that I’ve got a machine at home.

Felt like I cosplayed more than usual in 2016 but it was just the bad move of unknowingly cramming them all into the 2nd half of the year. Good job me d(-_-)b I did get more involved in experimenting/testing makeup styles for different characters though, so that might have contributed to the ‘crammed’ feeling.
Learned so many new things in 2016 and am honestly really happy with all my cosplays this year. Probably had the most fun with Young Black Jack ~

Would be lying if I said I never regretted getting in to this hobby, but I love it and I love the friends I’ve made and continue to meet. It’s only enjoyable with them. Thank you guys for another fun year ❤

Already looking forward to next year’s plans, ehehe 8D I’ve learnt my lesson and am gonna try my best not to squeeze everything into half a year, hopefully spread it out instead \o/ There’s so much I’d like to improve on as usual, but just going to take it one step at a time 🙂


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