Event: AFA 2016

Don’t want to put off writing this because I’ve only just remembered I only posted once in November and that is a travesty

Cosplay preparation pretty much took over my November and I really haven’t had time to read much manga or watch anime for the past month. I miss it so much. December’s going to be another busy month, what with the many plans I’ve got going on in terms of cosplay and family stuff, but I’ve just accepted a full-time job starting in Jan 2017 so that’s a total load off my chest. I’ll be getting a steady income to support my hobbies now!

If you can’t be bothered with this (potentially super) long post, you can always check out my condensed posts on the blogging application, Dayre. I’ve actually been (somewhat) regularly updating eheheh ~

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016 aka AFA SG 2016 was held at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 25th-27th of November (Fri-Sun) 2016 last weekend. As most of you probably know already, AFA SG is basically the biggest and most-well-known anime convention held annually in in the country and one I always look forward to. Here’s my post from last year.


Always going to repeat this: If there’s one anime convention you should consider making the trip to Singapore for, it’s definitely AFA SG. As usual, my event experience posts probably aren’t interesting to many, but I’d like to share anyway.

Note: Extremely (I DID NOT EXPECT IT TO BE THIS) long, photo-heavy post.


Day 1 (25/11 Fri)


Day 2 (26/11 Sat): Narancia Ghirga – JJBA Part 5


Day 3 (27/11 Sun): Hirose Koichi – JJBA Part 4 [P: Puffy]






Actually forgot to wear my usual Mawaru Penguindrum hat and to take a con attire photo for Friday, but oh well XD After last year, I’ve decided to stick to cosplaying only on Saturday and Sunday. 2 days in a row is more than enough for me. Not to mention, due to the costume preparation rush, I decided to stay over at a friend’s house for ease of transport and only got about 20mins of sleep the night before Day 1 OTL

img_8527 img_8528

A friend and I have a tradition of meeting up early for the same breakfast every year before going into the con hall. I looked forward to that this year too X)

Day 1 of AFA SG was spent running around, hassle-free, to catch all the stage programmes and get all the merchandise that I wanted :))

img_8547  img_9304

Real Akiba Boyz (RAB) came back for AFA this year again! Their performance this time was even better than before with a whole skit recorded in English with multiple dance pieces. Aw yeah! Gotta love their hilariously quirky style and energetic breakdancing to much-loved anisongs XD

I’m so glad I managed to catch one of their lives and get their signs and a photo + selfie with them during their Meet & Greet \o/ They were really happy and friendly ~


DJ Keitan (who’s part of RAB) had his special session after the Meet & Greet. I partied so hard with other anisong fans and was so frigging tired by the end of the 45mins jam session OTL No regrets though, ahahaha. Having DJ Keitan onstage with anisong is the best! He’s amazing at getting a party going!

Was so tired and hungry after the Jam session I had to miss kradness‘s live or potentially keel over on the spot. As luck would have it, I ended up missing all of kradness’s live performances over the weekend due to various reasons. NOOOOOOO DX

img_9278   img_9305

But managed to get his signs and take a photo with him anyway! YAYYY! He’s so cute /////

When I first heard his covers on nico nico douga a few years back, I told a friend:

“If he ever releases an album, I’m going to get it.”

Fast forward about 4 years and now he has 5 albums and is actually flying across the world as a guest artist! Man, it’s so amazing to see how far he’s come! He was surprised when he saw that I brought his debut album for a signature, ehehe.

Also just found out he’s the same age I am… but I’m just… not going to think about that right now… Yep…

Went for Friday’s I Love Anisong Concert!! Woop woop! The Friday lineup saw Home Made Kazoku, KOTOKO, and T.M.Revolution (left to right) on stage for about 45+mins each.


Unlike last year, I didn’t get VIP tickets for this and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t regret it a little. But getting to hear everything live was already such a treat, I couldn’t think about it XD Was really on the fence on whether I should go for any I Love Anisong concert days this year. The only group I was really invested in was Home Made Kazoku, and while I definitely appreciated KOTOKO, T.M.R, Chico with Honeyworks, JAM Project and Aimer’s music, I’d either already heard them live last year or wasn’t as interested.

But the moment Home Made Kazoku was announced to be on the same day as 2 other artists I was somewhat interested in hearing, I was SOLD. 

The atmosphere change between KOTOKO, HMK and T.M.R’s music was totally interesting to experience, hahahaha.

img_8655  img_8668

Listening to Homemade Kazoku was so emotional, I almost teared up. These are the guys whose anisongs I’ve had in my music shuffle for almost 10 years. I wish I bought their album during AFA, but it’s too late now I guess DX Shall wait for their new release and order it online.

Got about 2 hours of sleep after last minute costume prep that night, which was definitely an improvement from the night before. Hoping for more sleep’s a bit hard when you’re a procrastinator during con-period I guess.


The 2 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplays I did this AFA was the first time I sewed most of my own costumes from scratch and wore them at a con. It isn’t anything much at all, but there’s a huge feeling of achievement and I’m extremely happy with myself. Was pretty darn apprehensive I wouldn’t suit the characters or would screw up the wigs or not finish the costumes in time etc. etc., but I’m glad it all worked out 🙂

I love my Part 5 team on Saturday! Everyone looked so good! XD


P: Jaywhy

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo (Left to right)
Vinegar Doppio: Fluffyducky
Diavolo: Mark
Bruno Bucciarati: Jin
Trish Una: Puffytama
Guido Mista: Esophagus Moana
Narancia Ghirga: Killua

This was probably the only full-team photo we got because one of  us had to hurry and return back to man their artist booth.

I was extra insecure about this cosplay because it was the first time I’d be so exposed, but everyone had nothing but kind words and encouragement for each other and the group helped each other through. That felt really great.

There were many more con-goers during the weekend. A few of the cosplayers in the photos posted here and below are friends/acquaintances. If you happen to know the name and/or page of the cosplayers above that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me.

img_8726 img_8731

       Daikon & Shiosaki

img_8829 img_8847


img_8848 img_8889


       img_8845 img_8746

         Vanessa, Shera, Emily fliptable, Aaron, Mato


A few really awesome cosplayers visited from overseas/returned to Singapore to attend AFA SG. Was super thrilled to be able to find them and ask for photos 🙂

 img_8814 img_8883

Wonyo & Maan Tao                                Knitemaya & Cheroppi

img_8817 img_8887

They gave us their coscards too 8D


It was really nice of Lenneth to stay for a selfie even when she was really busy and had to rush off immediately after >w<

Got back  to Puff’s house a little earlier than the previous night to continue working on last minute cosplay preparation. Was so thankful to 2 amazing friends, Shu and Puff, who helped with hand sewing the last bits of my Sunday costume while I styled my wig, allowing me a few more hours of sleep ❤


Ended up missing a stage live I wanted to go for because Puffy and I were late in getting into cosplay, but oh well… Gotta learn to be better on time in the future I guess.

A few of the cosplayers in the photos posted here and below are friends/acquaintances. If you happen to know the name and/or page of the cosplayers above that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me.

img_8921 img_8943

Esophagus Moana                                       Mukuroma

img_9073 img_9092

Carrot & Tora

img_8937 img_9065

Rikka & Sumire                                       Mark and Fluffy

img_8931 img_8963

Acktosh VF                                              Melisa Eats & Kyokishi

img_8958 img_9027

I’ve already said it multiple times on my other social media accounts, but I really owe most of my AFA experience to dearest friend, Puffy. If it wasn’t for her support throughout costume prep, cosplay days, up to post-con crashing at her place, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my costumes nor had the amazing time I did.

img_9225 img_9203

P: Esophagus Moana (left) and Jaywhy(?) (right)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable
Yamagishi Yukako: Puffy
Hirose Koichi: Killua

Last day of AFA was relatively chill in that I was really comfortable in my cosplay and didn’t need to rush around to look for friends or attend programmes as compared to the previous 2 days. Hung out with old friends, made some new friends (from overseas even!), did some last minute shopping and took photos. Was a little bummed I didn’t get to see as many friends as I had hoped, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re moving about the convention grounds so much.


Loot ~

A number of stuff above were gifts from friends 🙂 Thank you guys ~

The weekend was so hectic I honestly didn’t get the time to walk through any official booths in the exhibition hall at all, haha! Thank goodness for that though, I might have ended up throwing more money than expected.

As usual, this ended up way longer and took much more time to write than I originally thought. I just couldn’t shut up, ahahah OTL This pretty much sums up my AFA experience I guess 🙂 If you managed to read this post up to the end here, wow, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much XD

November and December are both such busy months, but probably my favourite ones in the year X) And now that November’s over, I’m looking forward to the last month of 2016. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of 2016 too!


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