First Impressions (Manga): Blue Giant

Still haven’t gotten much of my life in order and I probably never will be able to, but it seems like it’s calmed down somewhat and I have a regular schedule now \o/ Been refusing to start on the new season’s anime until I complete 2 other anime series so here’s hoping I can find the motivation to finish them up. I’ve also recently gone back to quite a bit of manga. Definitely missed it way too much ❤

Manga: Blue Giant


Vol 1 cover

BLUE GIANT by Ishizuka Shinichi is a series I’ve wanted to start on since I saw a cover of it on the shelves at Kinokuniya. It’s been among the top of my monster-long-t0-read-list and I just decided to start it over lunch a few days ago.

I know smack shit about jazz (or music in general) but honestly admit, since getting into Cowboy Bebop and Kids on the Slope a few years back, I’ve held a certain interest in series that feature jazz (or jazz-inspired) music. Seeing the saxophone on the Blue Giant volume and then finding out that it was a Seinen series about a boy pursuing his dream of the specific genre of music, this definitely wasn’t a series I could miss.

WARNING: There… isn’t anything to warn about at all. At least, not anything I can think about.

Isn’t it kind of weird I was so excited for a MANGA about jazz music? I mean… it’s not like I can HEAR any music from the pages. I guess that was one of the reasons why I was so interested in it. Not to mention, Blue Giant was one of the 10 nominations for the 8th (last year) and 9th (this year) Manga Taisho Awards. Nominations 2 years in a row?! That really is something! After finding out about its nominations, I was even more eager to try it out.

Currently 7 chapters have been scanlated so that’s where I’ve stopped.

Blue Giant is… how do I even explain this… It’s… exciting? Ah, yep. That’s what it is. It’s actually darn exciting! How the heck a manga about jazz music gets your heart thumping, I have no idea, but that’s what Blue Giant does. It’s probably something to do with how things are portrayed and the glimpses you get into the kind of person the protagonist is that made me captivated by the progression as early on as the 2nd chapter. I tried very hard to explain Blue Giant’s atmosphere and the kind of manga it is to a friend by describing as ‘similar to slice-of-life in a way that it should’ve been boring but because the mc has so much passion for the sax and jazz and it takes up 90% of his life, it turned out very interesting’. I guess it’s something like that?

The way things are slowly built through the expressions of every character, the atmosphere and tension through tones and inking, and the fact that Miyamoto Dai has such a laid back personality but with a pure and steady, burning bright enthusiasm for what he loves — I didn’t hear anything but basically ended up pulled along with Dai’s passionate, excited pace.


BLUE GIANT Chp 1 cover

In terms of art, Blue Giant’s style is a little realistic and reminded me a bit of Rookies’s style, just less gritty. Some scenes are really detailed, others less so, but dayum are the instruments drawn beautifully. Similar to my experience with Rookies, it took more than a few pages to clearly differentiate the protagonist from side characters, but I think that was probably just me getting used to the art style of a new series.

You know how there are just some things some people can’t seem get into, or can’t seem to appreciate as much as the next person? Like for example, I don’t (or can’t) appreciate a shoujo as much as my friends do? Blue Giant’s a little like that. Just like jazz, I don’t think every single person might be able to appreciate it.

And just like jazz, this manga can be soothing, but it can also be intense. That’s just what I think anyway.

Blue Giant is totally up my alley and I’m really looking forward to continuing it 🙂

2 thoughts on “First Impressions (Manga): Blue Giant

  1. Awesome review!! The only musical manga I’ve ever read was Beck and I absolutely loved it, I even went out and watched the anime too!!

    This looks like a really cool manga! I tend to gravitate towards more off beat titles like this, so I’ll definitely be adding this to my must read list!

    Liked by 1 person

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