Event: GameStart 2016

I realised I’ve been posting quite a number of personal event-going experiences recently and thought I should explain a little. Considering Singapore is such a darn small country, we have LOTS of cons and pop-culture events going on. Add in the fact that most places on the island is relatively accessible via public transport (let alone by car), going to each event isn’t much trouble at all, unlike many other countries. There are tons of other reasons why I’m immensely thankful to be living in Singapore in regards to my hobbies, but that’s for another time. This post is for my experience at a recent gaming convention.

GameStart was held last weekend from 7-9 Oct (Fri-Sun) at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Just as its name suggests, this was an event primarily dedicated to games (digital and not). I play a few games and vaguely know of others, but am definitely not an avid gamer, so I wasn’t that interested in Gamestart as a whole. Even if I wasn’t interested in a lot of things happening , the event was surprisingly fun 🙂

Not to mention, entry to the hall was free if you were cosplaying, so… might as well, ya know? XD I went down on both Saturday and Sunday in cosplay.

Note: Long, photo-heavy post.

Besides main stage events like live-drawing, cosplay competitions, music performances and panels, a few other game competitions were simultaneously held at other areas in the convention hall, like Overwatch, FIFA and the South East Asia Major (for fighting games). This year’s GameStart also included a doujin market for fan artists and their merchandise.




Arrived pretty late on Saturday because we had some stuff on earlier, but Puffy and I cosplayed the Mothering-pair of Suga and Kiyoko from Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!! Sugawara Koushi: KilluaShimizu Kiyoko: Puffy


Was beyond happy when a few friends who are really good at makeup complimented my makeup for Suga. I’m always struggling with my makeup for cosplays so hearing that totally lifted my spirits sky-high X) Thanks again for cosplaying Haikyuu!! with me Puffy ~ It’s always a joy to make plans with you.

14606523_10153687665645666_1289016243594558507_n img_6576-edited

P: Burntpie (Both)

I spent Saturday going around the Doujin Market, running around outside the hall meeting friends, fooling around and taking lots of photos 🙂

If you happen to know the name and/or page of other cosplayers in the photos below that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me. Also, please tell me if I got anyone’s name wrong.

img_6451 img_6443

Sakurazaki                                               Carissime and Shion

img_6454  img_6407

                                                                   Skyy and Lilaeroplane


leXis, Le Bevvu, Kuro Koneko, Kiwiwi Chan and ?

The biggest reason I wanted to go down for at least one day of the convention (besides to meet friends), was to see a guest cosplayer. Johnny Junkers took over Okageo to appear at last year’s GameStart. This year it was Okageo‘s turn to be a guest at the event.


Kogitsunemaru (Touken Ranbu)

Was super thrilled to be able to meet him — after meeting Junkers last year — and getting his sign on the cosplay print I had of the both of them \o/ Got a photo as well, woohoo!

img_6710 img_6707


I spent Sunday pretending to be a 14-year old dance prodigy with a horrible fashion sense.

“Can you dance?”

“UH, a little?”

Fun fact, I actually just flop like a dead fish. Cosplayed a character from an actual game this time \o/

Dance Central 2 Glitch: Killua


The last time I cosplayed DC2’s Glitch was 2 years ago at AFA 2014. It felt pretty good bringing this character back, especially with a chance to improve 🙂 Considering this game and character was relatively obscure, I was surprised when a few people came up to me excited and asking for a photo. My day was pretty much made when someone called out “Nice Glitch cosplay!” while I was just walking through the mall to get food before going to the convention area. The guy then asked for a photo inside the convention hall later on XD

img_6958 edwin-2

P: Carrot (Left), Edwin Lee (right)

Didn’t have much else I wanted to see in the hall on Sunday, but followed a friend in anyway. Was pretty tired halfway through the day though, so after going around a little and meeting other friends, I just chilled outside the hall the rest of the time there.

If you happen to know the name and/or page of other cosplayers in the photos below that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me. Also, please tell me if I got anyone’s name wrong. By now, you might recognise a few recurring cosplayers in the photos I post on my blog 🙂 I like to keep up a habit of taking photos of (and with) friends whenever I see them at events.

img_6859 img_6828

Crisis and Xun                                         Bentoh Box, ? and Pika Ken

img_6848 img_6818

Roe                                                          Yosuke

img_6782  img_6733

Kana                                                         Carissime


    Mizuki Reimi, ?, ?, Kiri Kyuki, ? and Tenjo Zakito

I honestly thought I was relatively safe from spending much at GameStart seeing as the Doujin Market was pretty small and I didn’t need a convention tickets to get in, but that was only because I forgot about the Okageo’s prints I wanted signed OTL


There really is no escape I guess, ahaha XD

Now that GameStart’s over, it’s pretty much crunch-time before one of Singapore’s biggest pop-culture conventions. Yup, Anime Festival Asia (Singapore)‘s happening at the end of November and there’s no doubt I’ll be going for all 3 days, woohoo! Just a month and a half left! I’m really looking forward to it. All the best to the people rushing merchandise or preparing cosplays or saving up! Countdown: 44 days.

If you’re an Anime/Manga fan and ever consider a convention to go for in Singapore, AFA SG would definitely be your best bet \o/

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