How not to introduce a new series to someone

ESPECIALLY when the the series is highly questionable in its content, like BERSERK.

Otaku Life Story time. ( ̄︿ ̄)>

During the early weeks of the Summer 2016 anime run, a few of my weekday nights were specifically used to catch up on episodes that I missed in the previous week/s. It’s nothing new when my sister lay on the sofa behind doing her own thing as I parked ass on the floor and glued my eyes to the TV.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the week’s episode of Berserk I was catching up on was one of—if not, THE MOST—explicit and depraved scenes of Berserk throughout the series. And that’s saying something, because Berserk is choke-full of depravity and things you should probably not exclaim out loud in the light of day.

Even though I was home, and it was at night… But I digress.

As I settled down to watch the episode, it suddenly hit me that this wasn’t something I should’ve been watching in front of my youngest sister. Don’t get me wrong — She’s honestly not that young anymore, plenty open-minded and watches a little bit of anime. Even though in our terms she’ll still be considered a ‘Normie’, she’s weird in her own way and I love her for it.

But… BUT… there’s that something about letting someone a few years younger than you watch the explicit content that you watch and then know in your soul that even if they were already corrupted before, you’re corrupting them even more now! Not to mention this affecting their ‘wholesome view’ on you even though you’ve never made any effort to keep up anything ‘wholesome’ in the first place.

On one hand, I was happy that she was watching my biased series of all time with me because I would take most chances to introduce Berserk to someone. On the other hand, this was probably the ABSOLUTE WORST episode to start with and I silently hoped she wouldn’t say anything.

I… still wanted to watch the episode after all, HAHA.

The next twenty minutes of my life was spent trying to pay attention to the TV as I did my best to answer her multiple questions…

“Why is she naked?! What happened to her clothes?”

“She prays naked?”

“Why is the horse like that?!”

“What is she doing?!”


(Holla to all the Berserk people out there who recognise which episode it is \o/ Those scenes were pretty darn horrible…)

I tried my best to explain but probably ended up rambling exactly like how I’m doing in this post.

And then after she gave up and continued doing her own stuff, I… scrubbed back and rewatched the episode.

You can totally see where my priorities lie huh, hahahahaha.

Well, I didn’t have much in the first place, but there goes any hope left of a Berserk introduction to anyone else in my family. Dad’s already been introduced to the First Golden Age movie, but I’m not sure how keen he’ll be on the second. That’s alright, I might bring it up again someday.

So, has anyone else ever had interesting introductions to a series? Or been the one on the receiving end of these disastrous, eye-opening introductions? After thinking about it, I’ve realised I do have a few such experiences. Those will be stories for another day 🙂


3 thoughts on “How not to introduce a new series to someone

  1. Oh man…that’s hilarious bwahahaha!
    Berserk is definitely a fucked up series so…poor sod had the awakening of a lifetime :’D
    I’ve only read the manga and it was ages ago, so I do want to watch the animes *_*
    I think my rude awakening was more to a genre, BL/yaoi, from randomly stumbling into either Ai no Kusabi, which involves all kind of stuff best not said, and Papa to Kiss in the Dark, which involves incest et al…XDDD
    I’m too much of a chicken to introduce people to anime T_T

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right! I’m half hoping she kind of forgets everything she saw OTL
      Ahahaha! Oh man your awakening to BL/Yaoi! Ahahahaha! I kinda get what you mean about a rude awakening to the genre though. Mine was pretty similar, but I count myself lucky I had a step in before accidentally falling into the deep end XD Would like to write about that sometime.
      Awwww. Well, that’s ok. As long as you enjoy the things you like, it’s ok XD


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