Too loud for our own good

Otaku Life Story time. ( ̄︿ ̄)>

When a group of friends gather, there’s always a tendency for increased volume and excitement. It’s normal and totally expected — there’s nothing wrong with that.

Unless you’re talking about something questionable like what happened in an anime episode.

But that’s totally normal as well, right?

… Right?

One of the benefits of staying over at friend P’s house is the fact that there’s a Macdonalds nearby and someone is always up for a mid-night snack.

Friends P, S and I went for a Macs run at about 1.30am and on the way there, started talking about anime and describing different series to each other.

(If you’re familiar with the series, Handa-kun, you’d understand just how hilarious it is. If you’re not, it might be time to go google that synopsis and find out 🙂 )

S started describing a part of Handa-kun and as we walked into Macdonalds to join the queue, said pretty loudly,

The girl was trying to commit suicide!

I saw at least 5 heads turn to look at us with that sentence, but was too busy laughing at the rest of the Handa-kun description to think about the continued stares. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who noticed all the eyes on us, P and S did too!

We honestly should’ve been talking and laughing (more like cackling) much softer, but when you’re having so much fun, sometimes you forget how public of a space you’re in. You… forget that you should probably feel embarassed too.

I think we just didn’t care after all, ahaha. I mean… it’s not like I have much of a public image to uphold anymore…

It seems like a bulk of these ‘Otaku Life’ stories are basically embarassing stories. Yeah, well… I guess that’s what they are after all. (´・_・`)


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