Event: STGCC 2016

I don’t actually have an excuse for a reason why I haven’t been blogging recently.

It’s a little weird how I missed blogging so much, but when it comes down to doing it, I end up thinking of all the other stuff I could be doing instead — like getting the non-social/hobby part of my life in order (who am I kidding), finishing up games, or reading manga — and then I can’t muster up the motivation to pour my heart into blogging like I usually try my best to do for each post. I seem to have so much I’d like to say, but when I have the chance to express them, I just… don’t. It’s probably a really bad habit I should kick, haha.

Anyway, here’s my experience at a convention that happened a week ago. Hopefully this gets me back in the groove of things at least a little.

This year’s Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention (STGCC) was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre again, from the 10th to 11th of September (Sat-Sun).


You can find my experience at last year’s STGCC here 🙂

STGCC is one of the few events that have a more Western influence as compared to a lot of other similar pop-culture conventions in Singapore. Previously, a lot of events predominantly featured Japanese pop-culture and the like in terms of guests and programs, but this is one of the events in the country that’s included a majority of Western influences. It’s pretty awesome we’re getting a lot more Western guests on this side of the world now. This year’s guests lineup and programs were cool. You can check out more from their website if interested.

Note: Long, photo-heavy post. 


Originally, I didn’t plan on going into the hall for both days of the convention because I was only interested in the stage programs for Saturday. I would’ve just hung around with friends outside the hall on Sun, but the small cosplay team I was with on Sunday wanted to go in, so I ended up joining them in the hall on the 2nd day of the convention too. Thank goodness tickets were being sold in a better-priced bundle for 2-day entrances.


So relieved I didn’t have plans to cosplay on the first day of the convention because I ended up attending a number of stage programs and exploring the hall lots.


Got there at about 1.30pm, got tickets and ran into the hall for Pugoffka-sama‘s stage program on cosplay photography. Was a little bummed I was late for this, but her program was so informative and I’m glad I caught most of it. Pugoffka’s such an amazing cosplayer and photographer /(><)\



Continued on to a talk with New York Times best-selling, Eisner award-nominated comic book writer Nick Spencer and Herebegeeks‘s Peter Lin. I’m not a huge comic fan, but I definitely enjoy them somewhat. Listening to Nick Spencer talk just made me think about how much I’d like to try starting on some of his works, especially Morning Glories… Oh no…


After that I walked around the hall with friends for a bit and did some shopping. And watched a little of the Overwatch Challenge happening in the hall.

Artist Sakimi-chan was a guest at STGCC and selling quite a number of her works. I’M REALLY HAPPY I MANAGED TO GET HER ART (after a nudge from friends, “Just BUY. Get it. No regret.”)


She and artist Vofan (illustrator for the Monogatari novel series) then had a live-drawing session at the main stage. It was like ‘blink and you miss it’ magic, watching them work right in front of you. You could be looking at one screen for a minute, and then you turn to look at the other screen and WAIT, when did they colour those eyes?! 

 img_5098     img_5104

Starting from lineart (Vofan on the left) and a sketch (Sakimi-chan on the right), this was the end product after about an hour and 10 mins.




They’re so awesome.

It was getting to evening by the end of the live-drawing session, so I hung around with friends and caught some of RYU☆ and Kors K‘s live sets at the end of the convention day. I don’t listen to their music, but totally enjoyed the little time I spent there before heading off to dinner 🙂


There was actually one more stage program I had wanted to catch with guest, Mikimoto Haruhiko — character designer for Macross 7 and Koutetsujou no Kabaneri etc. — but I didn’t know that the stage program timing had been changed. So I missed it 😦


Got there just as the program was ending, but the guy who won Mikimoto’s beautiful sign was cool and let me take a photo of it 😀

Didn’t get many photos of cosplayers on the first day. If you happen to know the name and/or page of other cosplayers in the photos below that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me.

img_5092 img_5163

img_5152 img_5186

img_5164 img_5176

img_5132 img_5139

Kaida                                                       Burntpie


The biggest reason I was looking forward to STGCC was because of the cosplay plan I had with friends on the second day.


Ace Attorney. Miles Edgeworth kid ver: Sotong Xin, Phoenix Wright kid ver: Killua,
Larry Butz kid ver: Fluffyducky

My Sunday at STGCC was pretty much spent getting into cosplay, walking round the hall, running round looking for friends and taking photos. Some drama with tickets happened between the 3 of us and the organisers, but thank goodness everything was settled without much problem.

Once again, if you happen to know the name and/or page of other cosplayers in the photos below that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me. Also, please tell me if I got anyone’s name wrong.

img_5278 img_5284

Puffy and Carissime                               Auntie Shirley

img_5285 img_5294

       Athensis and Kaen

img_5326 img_5335

Xun and Akiko Mitsuki                           Nao and Roe

img_5342 img_5366

Rennpire                                                   Ebihebi


Kuro Koneko, Miyana, Alfie, Emkayyy

A photographer friend was really kind after I found him to say hello and helped friends and I take some shots of our small team.

Ace Attorney. Miles Edgeworth kid ver: Sotong Xin, Phoenix Wright kid ver: Killua,
Larry Butz kid ver: Fluffyducky

14311390_1191348360926524_6187390294374007928_o 14258258_1191348197593207_8481166209393461181_o

P: Symply Cosplay (both)

These are just 2 out of the few photos he took. My favourite would definitely be the one the right because it’s a perfect description of Edgey, Nick and Butz’s relationship.

The Ace Attorney game series has a special place in all of our hearts and it was so darn awesome to be able to cosplay the childhood trio XD Even with how simple this cosplay was, the 3 of us put in lots of thought and effort into them. I thought it was pretty cool that all of us used different wig hairline techniques for our wigs, hahaha. Seeing as I’ll never be able to pull off a cosplay of older Phoenix Wright, being able to cosplay this younger version of my favourite Ace Attorney character with Sotong and Fluffy (thank you so much you guys) was a small dream come true o(>v<)o I really hope we’ll be able to do this cosplay again sometime.

As usual, I’ve ended up blabbing on for much longer than I thought I would. The more I try to get to the point, the longer I type, argh!



Most of the time I’ve had to myself the past 2 weeks have been spent on cosplay preparation, playing the new Ace Attorney 6 game, watching anime or reading fanfiction. It’s a little to think how I haven’t been reading as much manga lately (Not even BL! GASP!) I guess the games I’ve been playing recently’s kind of hijacked the allotted ‘manga time’. It’ll probably be awhile longer before I start reading more manga again.

On another note, there’s another small event happening this Saturday called Sports Festival, a.k.a. SportsFest, (No, it’s not an actual Sports festival, it’s a sports anime fan event, haha.) that I’ll be going for. Here’s hoping I get back into the blogging groove soon… Haven’t been feeling that great recently, but I’m gonna do what I can. Wishing you guys all the best too 🙂


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