Meeting friends

Otaku Life Story time. ( ̄︿ ̄)>

I meet lots of different people through my hobbies… some of which are real… and some of which… aren’t.

It so happened that day the colleagues I usually went lunch with were all on leave or busy so I thought to have lunch myself and you know, be the unsociable geek I am — a.k.a. Play some Zero Time Dilemma.

Problem 1: I brought lunch. That meant I needed to microwave my food before heading out.

Problem 2: It’s not very nice to play my PS Vita in the office pantry.

Problem 3: It was raining.

When I was leaving the office in the rain holding my heated-up lunch container, a colleague I passed asked, “Where you going?”

“To meet a friend.”

Yeah, sure, I was going to meet Phi, Sigma, Diana, Carlos, Eric, Mira, Junpei, Akane, Q, and maybe Zero too. And I’m going to watch all of them die. Yep.

I’ve been taking my time to finish ZTD and I’m still not sure if I want some of them as my friends yet…


One thought on “Meeting friends

  1. Lmao! Tbh, 2D friends are the best, they can’t let you down, betray or rattle you out 😛
    I’m always surprised people play their games outside their home, I guess I’m a bit paranoid I’ll get robbed and prefer to do it in the comfort of a bed xDD

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