MAN WITH A MISSION held their first live gig in Singapore last night at MILLIAN and I’m currently reliving memories of their AWESOME concert by listening to a playlist of their songs on YouTube as I type this out, heheh.


MAN WITH A MISSION (MWAM) is a 5-member Japanese Rock Band that was formed in 2010 in Shibuya. The Band consists of: Tokyo Tanaka (vocals), Kamikaze Boy (bass), Jean-Ken Johnny (vocals and guitar), DJ Santa Monica (disc jockey), and Spear Rib (drums). All of the members wear different designed wolf masks during concerts, music videos, and any sort of public appearances for the band. Are they human? Are they wolves? No one knows.


Their music consists of hard rock, dance pop, punk rock, rap rock, melodic hardcore and nu metal etc. I’m not very familiar with different genre of music—if I like it, I’ll listen—so it might be easier for you to check out them out yourself. Their songs have been used for the first Hentai Kamen live-action film, Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins), Log Horizon and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans anime. I got into their music after getting addicted to Gundam IBO’s first opening, Raise Your Flag.


It was a little inconvenient that their Live was held an evening in the middle of the week, but I’m seriously thankful nothing clashed and I was free. Grabbed a quick dinner with friends after work and headed down to the venue.



The concert venue actually turned out to be smaller than I thought. Even though the group of us got there just as a doors opened and we were near the back, we weren’t far from the stage at all.

Millian’s a club that doubles as a live venue and I’ve never actually been into a club in my own country before, ahahahaha. The venue was packed, but not such that it was suffocating. To be honest, I’m always a little afraid of how enclosed and suffocating free standing concerts, it doesn’t help that I’m pretty short so the average person towers over me.

We had enough space to put down our bags and jump around plus wave and everything so woopwoop! \o/

Starting the set list off with Database was seriously cool, plus they sung a number of older songs as well \o/ It wasn’t only until the encore that lots of people got the song they were waiting for…

Last encore song: Raise Your Flag. You could hear a resounding “YEEEESSSSS!” and the crowd went mad. Everyone frigging SCREAMED and it was GREAT.


Didn’t manage to get a band shirt cos most of the merch were sold out by the time we got there, but got some loot anyway 🙂 They also tweeted about their merch being sold online so…

Had a blast at MAN WITH A MISSION‘s live. They totally ROCKED and I hope I have another chance to attend one of their lives again someday.

If you like Japanese Rock/Dance pop and listen to stuff like Back-on, Base Ball Bear, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Blue Encount, Hello Sleepwalkers, Knock Out Monkey, Spyair, Rookiez is Punk’d etc… you might want to try MWAM out 🙂

(「゚Д゚)「 GOW GOW

3 thoughts on “Live: MAN WITH A MISSION

    • UWAH! I’m glad to hear that you think so \o/ I quite like Emotions, Database and Memories. Pretty much all their songs, especially from their latest album, The World Is On Fire, are really good 8)) You can find the link to their latest album on YouTube at the end of my post >> “Try MWAM out”


      • I’ll do that thanks. I had a quick look at some of their stuff on youtube, mainly their singles, and one that stood out was Distance. I’ll check out the album you mentioned. Btw, please talk about music when you feel like it.

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