What team (WILDCATS! jk.)

Otaku Life Story time. ( ̄︿ ̄)>

Of course I watch sports!

… Wait… does sports anime count?

I’ve had this absolutely adorable Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!) badge set on my haversack for a long time.


It was merch I got during an event in Singapore. I’m sorry I can’t remember the fan artist I got this from, but if anyone happens to know, please tell me.

When I was in Australia for studies last year working on a group project, one of the members gestured to the Jersey badge,

“What team is that?”

“Oh! Karasuno.”

“What do they play?”


“Oh! Do you watch them play often?”

“… Huh? … OH. Oh. No, they’re not a real team, ahahaha…”

“Oh, haha…”

“I don’t actually watch Volleyball.”

And then he dropped the subject.

Up to this day I still don’t know whether to feel embarrassed or resigned. Embarrassedly resigned.


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