‘Otaku Life Stories’ Intro

Back in April I had that reflection and mentioned that I was going to be “injecting a lot more of my own personal experiences in the mix“. I really have been trying to let loose a little more with my writing, but it’s only 3 months later that I’m actively acting on this.

Here’s a new category I’m introducing to Manga, my life.: Otaku Life Stories

Woohoooooo! \o/

Being somewhat obsessed with and devoted to my hobbies, I’ve come across many embarrassing, amusing and sometimes eye-opening situations that’s made me think my life might not be as boring as I thought.

Ok, who am I kidding, my life is generally pretty boring. But what matters is that I never feel bored.

To sum this Category up in a nutshell, some of us with similar interests experience some weird shit and it’s always fun to share stories, so that’s what I’m going to do 🙂 You don’t need to be a crazy fan like I am to laugh at my life, but if I’ve made you consider things in a different perspective, that’s great!

I’d love to hear about your amusing fandom-fueled life experiences too, whether in the comments or private message — whichever you’re comfortable with. Might consider sharing these on my blog as well XD

Otaku Life Stories is dedicated to all the awkwardly amusing experiences of my fellow comrades fumbling through their lives one unsteady, fandom-fueled step at a time.


One thought on “‘Otaku Life Stories’ Intro

  1. Hahahha that sounds great! I definitely would like to read more of those stuff!

    I don’t think I have a lot of interesting stories to share though… Except maybe trying to keep a straight face and feeling incredibly guilty when you accidentally read something BL in public. (Yesterday I tried watching High school life of a fundanshi in school, and then I had to stop after the first episode cause I felt so guilty XDDD)

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