Event: Cosfest 2016

Cosfest is the longest running Singapore Cosplay convention and this was its 15th year. If you were to specifically come down for a convention in Singapore (especially for cosplay), this would be one other event to consider besides AFA. Because I was still overseas for studies and didn’t get to go for last year’s— plus I only started my blog at the end of 2014 — this is the first time I’m blogging on my experience at this annual event.

Cosfest 2016 was held at Downtown East D’Marquee last weekend from 2-3 Jul 2016 (Sat-Sun). It has always been held at Downtown East and it’s become sort of a known tradition for some con-goers to stay in the chalets in the area for convenience during the event period. This year’s Cosfest was even more special for me because this was the first time I got to spend the event weekend at the chalet with a group of friends.



More friends joined us in the room over the weekend.

I looked forward to last weekend for the past 4 months, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so frigging excited over anything in my life before. The weekend absolutely didn’t disappoint. I’m really sad its over, but I made so many fond memories that’s gonna keep me going for a long time.

Note: Long, photo-heavy post.

On Friday a few of us checked into the D’resort at Downtown East with luggage of costumes, wigs, make up etc. in addition to the regular necessities, then spent the rest of the day doing last minute preparation of costumes and watching random Cartoon Network shows available on the room TV.


Because a few of us had artist booths to manage or were cosplaying different characters on Saturday, it was a little hectic in the morning and the room was crazy messy with stuff strewn everywhere. I wish I took a photo XD It took quite awhile for me to cos up as usual, but hey, I didn’t screw up my makeup much this time \o/ Small victories.

But anyway, I cosplayed on both days of the con. Solo-ed Middle School Black Jack on Saturday and then Nishinoya on Sunday with a group.


Day 1 (02/07 Sat): Middle-school Hazama Kuro – Black Jack [P: Puffy]


Day 2 (03/07 Sun) : Nishinoya Yu – Haikyuu!! [P: Naito]











I was really excited about being able to cosplay a version of Black Jack, but because of my short stature and kid-ish face, the only version I could actually consider was his very very young version. I love the Black Jack series and I hope I did justice to his character. I’m glad people managed to recognise my cosplay. The most memorable thing that happened to me that day was when a really cute Harry Potter cosplayer ran up to me asking for a photo very excitedly and then passing me her cosplay card. And then when I looked at it, it was her cosplay of Pinoko ❤ So I ran after Komine to thank her again for the coscard and have a fan moment over Black Jack XD

IMG_1267smaller     IMG_1273smaller

Besides having lots of other stage performances, Cosfest is also the event where the cosplay team chosen to represent Singapore at the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) is selected. There’s always so much effort put into all the costumes and they’re always super cool! But I’m not that interested in the stage performances at Cosfest and this year was the same. There aren’t usually many official booths present at Cosfest either as lots of attention is placed on stage activities and the fan-artist areas. I basically spent the whole time I was at the event hanging out with friends and throwing money at the numerous artist booths in the hall.

A few of the cosplayers in the photos below are friends/acquaintances. If you happen to know the name and/or page of the cosplayers above that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me. Also, if I get any cosplayer names wrong, please tell me too, I’ll correct them asap. These are just a handful of photos I took on Saturday.

IMG_1161smaller      IMG_1282smaller

Kyokishi                                                       Dai Kon

IMG_1392smaller      IMG_1315smaller

Tora, Kuro and Moon

IMG_1230smaller      IMG_1286smaller

Zeneith                                                        Prince Blue and Waffle

IMG_1186smaller      IMG_1259smaller

Carissime and Toshiro                               Puffy

The day ended up passing really fast and before I knew it, it was coming to 7pm and the hall was closing. After waiting for friends to finish packing up, we changed out and headed nearby for dinner. Then returned to the room to cosprep for the next day + watch more cartoons. I guess I might have considered sleeping earlier, but by the time I finished doing my stuff and helping friends, it was 3am. Oops.


Cosplaying Haikyuu!!’s Nishinoya on Sunday was fun and pretty chill, especially with this mismatched Karasuno (chalet roommates) team. We fooled around lots XD


Haikyuu!!. Clockwise from top left. Shimizu Kiyoko: Naito, Yachi: Tora , Tsukishima Kei: Burntpie, Tanaka Saeko: PuffyNishinoya Yuu: Killua

Managed to find more Karasuno members during the event too \o/


Left to right. Sawamura Daichi: ItoMaki, Hinata Shouyo: Akane Yori, Sugawara Koushi: Vanda.

I’m sorry I can’t seem to find the name of the Asahi cosplayer.

A few photos of cosplayers I took on Sunday.

IMG_1440smaller      IMG_1457smaller

Hoshiko and Kazuki                                  Caramel Alter and Melanie Joanne 詩う

IMG_1580smaller      IMG_1475smaller

    Sapphire and Keyade

IMG_1500smaller      IMG_1813smaller

Skyy and Kuro Koneko                             Roe and Nao

IMG_1562smaller      IMG_1577smaller

Kanoe                                                          Rin, Shannie and Dai Kon

The hall closed at about 7pm just like the day before and I helped friends pack up their booth before heading back to the room to change out. Everyone was so tired at the end of the second day, but after some rest, food (we ordered in pizza, heheh) and James Cameron’s Avatar, the group of us in the chalet just stayed up talking until 5+am. Even went out to help a friend with an errand and went for a macs run, haha! I have no idea where the boost of energy came from.

The few of us left had to check out by noon on Monday and you could tell how tired everyone was from the dead-fish eyes. It took me about 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep to recover from the adrenaline-filled weekend, but it was totally worth it.


Loot ~

Thought I didn’t get as much merchandise this time round, but when I laid everything out on the floor… they took up a lot more space than I thought OTL Ahem, in my defense, many of them were gifts.

Writing out a blog post like this, nothing interesting actually happened for me to talk about during the event itself, but I had such a BLAST just spending the weekend immersing myself in a hobby I loved with really cool people with similar interests. I’ve made the most amazing friends through these interests and I thank whoever’s above everyday for allowing me to meet these wonderful people.

It’s officially the second half of 2016 (Holy crap! Time flew by fast!) and the scene is picking up with more upcoming events. The next one is actually happening this coming weekend: C3 Chara Expo. My experience would probably be quite different from usual because I’ll be working during the convention, much like my experience at Card Games Asia last year. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like on the other side of the cashier at an official booth XD


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