My E3 2016 experience

(Or lack thereof)

So… because I live halfway across the world on a tiny island and not in the behemoth of a country that is The United States of America, my annual experience with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is from the comfort (or lack thereof) of where I can access it at the moment. This usually involves scrolling through twitter, reading news online and relying on recorded streams of the conferences, showcases and interviews at home or at work.


To be honest, I don’t think I’m that much of a gamer. I play and love a few franchises, but don’t have first-hand experience with many other games. Something I really like though, is watching friends when they play games. (Like MGS, Watch Dogs, Until Dawn, RE, The Last of Us etc.)  It’s endlessly entertaining to see how they would play when I know I would probably play differently and screw up in the process XD

Sometimes I follow game news, but I’m not sure what motivates me to follow as much E3 news as possible and watch all the press conferences when I don’t end up playing 95% of the games showcased and announced, hahahaha. Guess I just can’t help it; It’s way too cool being able to see all the trailers and gameplay of all the different kind of games out there and in development, plus interviews with developers too!

I’d have loved to stay up to watch the Nintendo Treehouse live stream along with other press conferences, but unfortunately I’d basically be staying up all night for a week due to the time difference of 13 hours. I could do that last year when I was a student with relative freedom, but I definitely can’t do that now because I have life responsibilities, like not sleeping at work. Boooo.

But hey, everything worked out! I’ve been super lucky with nothing to do and basically spent the week watching recorded E3 streams at work. Aw yeah ~ Can’t express how happy I am to be able to do that! I’m currently writing this in the office too, heheh. This is great.

Won’t be going into detail on the news and games from this year’s E3 because I didn’t have much thought besides “THIS IS SO COOL/CUTE!”, but I have to say that this year Sony really killed it with their press conference!

You can pretty much find all the press conferences on Youtube and other news online. I’m still finishing up Nintendo’s and Microsoft news but it’s about time I finish this post because I’m leaving the office now, haha. Still no promises on posting much this month, but we’ll see.

5 thoughts on “My E3 2016 experience

  1. As someone who doesn’t live in the US (European), I experience E3 from home too. I don’t even watch the streams, just Twitter feed, because I’m not going to be playing 90% of the games haha :’)
    All I know is naked Link, Link is moe, Link gets cold, Link hurts his foot kicking chests open if not wearing shoes…Twitter tells it all x’DD
    GL, and take your time 🙂

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