Hey. Slow updates, but thank you for sticking around.


Work’s been pretty hell-ish the past few weeks and there’ve been days where I’ve been so drained and depressed… it… hasn’t been good. But I’m alright now. Definitely feeling better.

Now that work has eased up a bit, I’ve actually gotta get cracking on costume preparation for an important convention happening in a month. It’s one of the two events in Singapore I try my best to cosplay for. There’re so many conventions in Singapore (which I’m really happy for, sometimes too many.), but Cosfest is probably the one pop-culture/anime/manga/games/cosplay event with the longest history in this (tiny) country. It’ll be a weekend filled with things I’m interested in and time spent with the friends I’ve met through this hobby. I’m really looking forward to it.

Hope to be able to get into the groove of blogging again as soon as I can to do some catch up, but if you’ve followed this blog long enough, you probably know my blogging habits are always haywire. Or more like I don’t have much of a habit in the first place, hahahaha.

In the continuation of my little sis’s introduction into anime, she’s finished Toradora! and is now on the 2nd season of Kimi ni Todoke. That’s right. The SECOND season. She finished the first season fairly quick.

I love sharing the right manga and anime to people. I’ve probably said this before, but being able to recommend a series that someone enjoys and hearing them talk about it brings me a special kind of joy and satisfaction. I’ve learnt a little more about my hobby trying to get my sister to watch anime; It’s been interesting to say the least XD I hope she continues to watch more, ehehehe ~

Guess that’s it for the short update for now. Even though I often don’t have much to share, have anything interesting to say or take ages to put my thoughts into words, I like blogging. A lot. Manga, my life. isn’t something I’ll be giving up so easily, you can count on that.

Gonna be busy the next few weeks, that’s for sure. Updates will be slow.

But as usual, thank you for reading the stuff I post 🙂

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