The best anime season yet! (For a different reason.)

Spring 2016 is, hands down, the best anime season yet.

Not because of Joker Game or JoJo Part 4 or Mayoiga or Kagewani Shou or Hero Acad or Sakamoto or Tanaka-kun or Kiznaiver or Super Lovers or Kabaneri or Ace Attorney…

But because I got my littlest sister (who doesn’t watch anime) to keep up with 5 of this season’s series with me.
Plus she’s now started on Toradora all by herself.

I’m so happy.


In other news, I’ve just kind of… lost the momentum on First Impression posts for Spring 2016; the rate at which all these episodes from so many anime come out is just too fast for my motivation and speed at which I blog to catch up. Ahahaha… Might continue to finish up a few First Impressions posts, but by the time I actually write them, they won’t be ‘first impressions’ anymore. Oh well.

Life’s really busy lately with the usual stuff like work, a social life, other hobbies (basically what this blog is actually about) and lazing around (we all need time to laze around). I haven’t been able to blog much. May’s been pretty cool so far though. Got to go to 2 events and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s concert which I’ll definitely dedicate a post to. It was so much fun!

I’m just not sure when the next time I can post will be. Work’s only going to get busier until June and then after that I’ve got to prepare for one of the bigger pop-culture, cosplay events in Singapore, Cosfest XV. Will see how it goes.

For now though,  I’ll continue to enjoy JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean, ReLife and keeping up with Spring 2016’s anime in between the responsibilities of life. I hope you guys have things you love that are able to keep you going too 🙂


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