Event: J-Obsession 2016

J-Obsession 2016 was held at The Cathay last weekend from 30 Apr – 2nd May (Fri to Sun).

Because this was a relatively smaller event in terms of ‘Singapore Covention standards’and I wasn’t that interested in most of the programme (plus I was busy), I only went for a few hours on Sunday to catch what I was interested in: おさむらいさん’s (Osamuraisan’s) Performance 🙂


Japanese band, Square Bread on stage

There honestly wasn’t much going on besides the shows on the stage. The programme lineup for the weekend consisted of band, karaoke and cosplay competitions and performances. Other than Otaku Tachi selling goods like figures and official merchandise, the only other things that were sold were the guest cosplayers’ and guest musician’s (Osamuraisan’s) goods.

Was surprised at the number of people that attended J-Ob. Haven’t had the chance to go for J-ob the past 2 years cos I was studying overseas, but it really has grown since its beginning in 2010. The location it was held at wasn’t that big though, so it was a little tight with all the people.

Didn’t take many photos of cosplayers there. If you happen to know the name and/or page of the cosplayers below that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me.

IMG_9406-smaller     IMG_9395-smaller

Viospace and ?

IMG_9376-smaller     IMG_9420-smaller

     Kuro Akatsuki and Why Jing

I only got to The Cathay in the mid-afternoon. Most of my time at J-ob was spent chatting with con friends I hadn’t met in awhile. The local J-music groups, Serene and her team and Lunaria were really good! Only made it to the stage in time to hear the both of those groups before Osamuraisan though.

The artist that I specifically went down to J-ob for is a guitarist named おさむらいさん (Osamuraisan), who arranges and plays guitar covers of a range of Japanese music and produces original tracks. He’s not one to show his face in public often — doesn’t show his face in his uploaded videos on niconico and Youtube either — so it was a real treat to be able to  see and hear his beautiful guitar-playing live.

Below’s one of my favourite arrangements, a mashup of Himouto! Umaru-chan and Gakkou Gurashi’s openings, Kakushinteki Metamorufo-se!「かくしん的☆めたまるふぉ〜ぜっ!」and Friend Shitai! 「ふ・れ・ん・ど・し・た・い」

His tracklist for the J-ob performance was fun and included stuff like Senbonzakura, Happy Synthesizer, Let It Go, Unravel, Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer, an original song and a few others.



Really happy I got his game covers album! It’s my favourite one of all his albums and he signed it too! WOOHOO! Even got to shake his hand ~ (He has really nice hands)

I didn’t go for the Osomatsu Only Event, Matsu Matsuri, in April so the last convention/event of this kind that I attended was Cosfest Christmas x Good Game held last Dec. It’s been a number of months since then and I was really glad to be able to see a number of friends at J-Ob 🙂 It feels like I’ve drifted a little from cosplay and the event scene in general since starting a 9-6 job — It’s probably just cos I haven’t had much time for other hobbies besides reading manga and watching anime — but the energetic atmosphere in a con is always so infectious. Cons are always fun and exciting. Though smaller in scale, J-ob was no exception. That brought me right back.

Now that it’s some time into 2016, the year is starting to pick up with events happening in the following months \o/ There’s another one happening this coming weekend: Doujin Market – Doujima. Doujima’s focus is a lot on fan-made merchandise and art — I might be looking forward to it, but… hahaha… my wallet is definitely isn’t. Here’s hoping I have some sort of restraint.


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