Manga Taisho 2016 winner: Golden Kamuy

I’m a month late because I had totally forgotten about the announcement date, but CONGRATULATIONS to Noda Satoru-sensei’s Golden Kamuy on winning the 2016 Manga Taishō award (Cartoon Grand Prize)! WOOHOO!!

mantai-2016 (1)

Winner’s Illustration

I was quite surprised news of this was never published in English; Only found out about it when I saw a poster and announcement display for Golden Kamuy volumes at Kinokuniya (bookstore) last weekend.

I’m so glad Golden Kamuy won. It’s a brilliant series that I was totally rooting for it from the first round of nominations. I also wrote a First Impressions on the series when I just started it. Since then, I’ve been (somewhat) faithfully keeping up with chapters. With how exciting the story always seems to be, I’m probably going to be doing that for a long time. Even managed to drag a few friends into this fandom with me! \o/


7 volumes of the series has been published as of date and I’ve collected them all so far! Aw yeah! Too bad my Japanese is shit though, so I’ve only been following the scanlations which are currently just starting volume 5. Won’t spoil myself by flipping through the later volumes even though they’re just… right… there…

Here’s the final ranking of the 11 nominees for this year:

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.29.44 AM

If you’d like to see more photos from the award ceremony or know the detailed breakdown of votes for each title, check out the 2016 Manga Taisho news article or Comic Natalie. Something I’d just like to mention: The award itself that the mangaka is given is extremely pretty and beautifully customised to their award-winning series. Just have a look at the different award frames over the years on the Manga Taisho website XD They’re all so pretty.

I’m always excited about this award because these nominated titles are some of the most interesting manga currently publishing and a great source of recommendation for new stuff to read (As if I haven’t mentioned that enough already). All the other nominees are definitely already in OR going into my ‘To-read list’. I hope you guys would consider trying the 2016 Manga Taisho Award nominees too! But most of all, try out Golden Kamuy 🙂

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