Heads up: Fujinsei’s monthly BLOG CARNIVAL

Considering my flaky content and fleeting blog updates, I’m not someone who’s very involved with the Otaku blogging community on the web. I don’t usually go out of my way to check out other blogs either, preferring to either continue reading manga, fanfiction or play games. Uh… I guess in summary, I keep to myself. Hahahahaha OTL

But here’s a blogger who goes out of her way to make the otaku blogging community “stronger, tighter and funner by facilitating connections with each other“, her exact words from when I tweeted her awhile back šŸ™‚

Arria Cross is currently holding a Blog Carnival on her blog, Fujinsei. It’s going on from 1-15 April and within this first half of the month, bloggers (who cover Japanese culture/media/otaku topics of any kind) are welcome to share one of their blog posts that they’re proud to show off. 

You can read the rest of the rules etc. from her post about it. It’s easy, you get the chance to share your stuff, as well as read something another blogger is proud to have written. This Blog Carnival’s not a one-off thing either. Seems like she’s planning to hold one every first half of the month. So if you end up missing the last 3 days of this month’s carnival, just join the next one.

For someone like me who doesn’t specifically keep up or find new bloggers to follow, this is pretty neat. I’m having fun reading everyone’s entries šŸ™‚ Won’t be sharing a post myself though.

Whether you’re an otaku blogger of any kind or just a casual reader, go check the Blog Carnival out. Better yet, check out Arria Cross’s blog, Fujinsei.

One thought on “Heads up: Fujinsei’s monthly BLOG CARNIVAL

  1. Oh wow. Yay! Thank you very much for featuring my blog carnival. I’m so happy! I hope that you get to participate in next month’s carnival which I’ll host again next week. It’s going to be 1 week instead of 2, though. Hope to see you there and read one of your posts. Thanks again. Keep on blogging. Hope we can connect more in the future. Cheers!

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