First Impressions (Manga): Kasane

EDIT: Because Raylight just told me it wasn’t her that recommended this to me. HAHA OOPS. I hope I get to talk to her about manga again soon. But anyway,  I remember who it was who recommended this series to me now. 

If it wasn’t Raylight who told me about this manga, then it can be only one other person: Nefuro. Now that I think back, I don’t know why I had the impression that Raylight recommended this instead, haha. This type of really good Seinen is right up Nef’s manga-alley and his recommendations are always intense.

Manga: Kasane 「累-かさね-」


Kasane vol 1 cover

Kasane is a Seinen, psychological, supernatural, horror, drama, tragedy by Matsuura Daruma. It started serialising in April 2013 and was nominated for the 8th Manga Taishou Award last year. I’ve only read 17 chapters of the manga so far, but it is currently ongoing with 7 volumes and counting.

If I remember correct, this is basically how Raylight described Kasane:

The main character is a really ugly girl. When her mum died, the mum gave her a lipstick and if she wore the lipstick and kissed someone, she could exchange faces with that person.

Doesn’t that pique your interest too?

WARNING: Very dark, disturbing and tragic, filled with harsh negativity.

After hearing that simple, straight to the point explanation, it basically shot straight up on my to-read list. Just thinking about all the potential psychological problems, conflicts and skewed morality got me really excited to try it.

True to my expectations, there’s so much psychological shit, I don’t even know where to start. It’s really disturbing, and thinking about how twisted it is leaves me in mild disgust.


It took awhile to get used to the art style, but the way panels are laid out, and the atmospheric effect it portrays is spot on. Everything about this story is heavy and the way it’s told totally reflects that.

To be honest though, it isn’t as dark as I had thought. Despairing, yes, but everything could’ve been worse. (This might just be my pessimism talking, haha.) It’s still psychologically haunting though, no doubt about that.

Beauty is everything.

Unfortunately, I think this statement will forever ring true to a certain extent no matter how hard we try to overcome it. But I don’t read manga to get myself depressed over shit like that, I read manga for how much it makes me think, and Kasane is a very thoughtful series.

PS: Don’t read it when you’re actually feeling down, it might make you feel worse HAHA.

One thought on “First Impressions (Manga): Kasane

  1. Really like this manga (*have read three volumes so far). Kasane’s inner thoughts can be very depressing to read, but damn, she’s a fundamentally good kid who deserve some good luck in life.

    It’s probably not going to end happy, unfortunately 😦


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