Where I read Webcomics

If you’re pretty big manga fan, you’ve probably heard of titles like The God of High School, Noblesse, Tower of God, Girls of the Wild’s, The Gamer (I’ve done a post on that.) or Cheese in the Trap, to name a few. If you already know all about Webcomics and where to read them etc. SSSSHHHH—please let me share with those who don’t 😉

Being pretty deep in this hobby, I’m a little particular about what is described as “Manga”. I wouldn’t categorise the above titles as “Manga”. They’re considered Web Comics / Web Toons — Comics/Cartoons published on the web, ya know? XD Quite a number of the above titles can also be considered Manhwa, published by Koreans and all that, but calling them a general term like Webcomics is a lot easier. Plus, the term Webcomic covers other short comics like Lunarbaboon and Cutbu as well.

Anyone can publish a webcomic. If you’ve got a comic you’ve written/drawn and internet access, you can upload and share it wherever on the web and voila! You’ve got your own comic on the internet. I’m not much of an artist, but I’m definitely someone in the world who might read your works.

On that note…

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Line Webtoon and Tapastic are 2 applications I currently have on my phone to read Webcomics. I use an Iphone, but I’m sure all the mobile app stores have them. I don’t use Tapastic much, but I’ve recently started reading from Line Webtoon quite a bit.


I was introduced to Tapastic through a friend who is currently publishing a comic titled, Age of Enlightenment, there. What I like most about the app is how 5 different comics are picked by the Staff as a Daily Comic Snack each day, and you get introduced to a wide range of funny and cool stuff from (mostly) amateur creators.


I’m so bummed I only discovered Line Webtoon recently OTL It’s a bit different from Tapastic in that besides being able to upload and read web comics from anyone (both professional and amateur), popular comics in other languages (most commonly Korean) are also officially translated into English. Fans can even translate the chapters into other languages. There’s a set schedule for updates on comics every day of the week which makes it really easy to know when new chapters are up.

Once in awhile I come across other web comics with their own websites and upload schedules etc… although, the only 2 I remember right now is Teahouse (which has stopped publishing since 2014) and Starfighter — both featuring guyxguy relationships ahaha.

Anyway, if you’re interested in web comics, Tapastic and Line Webtoon are the ones to check out. I’m not sure if there are any more platforms like those two ast the moment, but please feel free to share if you know. Also, I’m always open to new stuff to read or requests for recommendations XD


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