Happy 20th Anniversary, Pokemon!

Because I didn’t make it back in time last night at 11am (GMT+8), I missed the Pokemon Direct that aired at GMT+9, 12 midnight OTL

If anyone else missed it, here’s the playback for us losers 🙂 :

If you’ve experienced the joy of Pokemon in your life and have never once wished you were a real Trainer and that Pokemon actually existed in this world, you’re lying.

I couldn’t find my bootleg Yellow, Red, Gold, Ruby, Leaf Green and Pokeball a friend made for me out of a chrismas bauble for a cosplay, but I still have my White 2, X, Omega Ruby, a uniqlo T-shirt, a pink Pikachu pencil case and and a Masterball from the old Hamamatsucho Pokemon Centre. Not sure if I missed anything.


Ready for my Pokemon Adventure.

Also, on this day, I’d like to remember how 2 friends and I had a plan of gathering a group of NPC Pokemon trainers. I’m not sure if this plan will ever come to fruition, but hey, ya never know, right?

We never found the chance to cosplay all together as a group, but each of us had a chance to cosplay with each other at different events in 2010 and 2012, haha.

Pokemon NPC Trainers. Bug Catcher: FluffyduckyYoungster: KilluaFisherman: Kyokishi

249479_10150201219030666_7980197_n   135488_475515987757_8029805_o-edited

P: I’m sorry I can’t remember. (2010)                  P: I don’t know either OTL (2010)


   P: Mario Chua Photography

If you noticed, The 2010 version of my Youngster cosplay was of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, while the 2012 version was of HeartGold/SoulSilver XD

Watching the 20th Anniversary Pokemon Direct gave me shivers with all the nostalgia and memories; I’m definitely not as invested in it as so many other people out there, but the world of Pokemon is brilliant and I love it.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Pokemon! Thank you for all the fun.

I’ll forever be looking forward to the next games.


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