Piano Opera: music from Final Fantasy

Work life’s really been taking its toll the past week. Even now, on a Saturday night, I just want to lie on down in bed and read (and probably knock out really fast). Currently lacking in the motivation to blog, but I decided I was going to post more, so I’m going to try.

Last evening I got the privilege to listen to some amazingly beautiful game music in the form of a piano concert that was held at the Drama Centre Theatre at the National Library.


Piano Opera: music from FINAL FANTASY is an official Final Fantasy piano concert featuring pianist Nakayama Hiroyuki and the man behind FF music, Composer Uematsu Nobuo, himself! Besides the music, a giant screen video projection showed scenes from the games while Nakayama-san was playing.

I confess, I’m not much of a Final Fantasy fan, but you really don’t need to be one to enjoy its music.

The only FF game I played was the remake of Final Fantasy III on the NDS and I didn’t even manage to finish it before losing the cartridge 😦 Still bitter about that after so many years. Also watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. but I was paying more attention to the animation and art than I was to the story and movie as a whole, oops. I’m sure Advent Children hardly counts for much, though.

Really thankful to a friend who told us about the piano concert about 5 months ago and helped us get tickets as soon as he could. Apparently tickets were going really fast; the hall was pretty much full from what I saw.

IMG_5643-sq   IMG_5650-sq

I’m sorry I can’t give you an exact breakdown of the set list because I don’t know them, but pieces were played from all the games from I to V. A few titles that I kind of remembered (in no specific order):

  • Prelude
  • Kefka (FFVI)
  • Melodies of Life (FFIX)
  • Theme of Love (FFIV) – played in the background during the sharing session when Uematsu-san was on stage.
  • Battle on the Big Bridge (FFV)
  • Lots, lots more.

The concert lasted about 2 hours and there were mini interviews of Uematsu-san and Nakayama-san as well as a sharing session on fan comments on FF music scattered throughout. 2 encore pieces were played XD

VIP ticket holders get the chance to meet Uematsu-san and Nakayama-san during the Signing session after. No one I knew got VIP tickets… until a friend’s colleague gave him their VIP ticket so he could meet Uematsu-san and Nakayama-san, holy crap! Friend was totally beyond happy.


Friend managed to get this pretty nice shot of them \o/

A Concert T-shirt and album was being sold; I caved and bought the Piano Opera Final Fantasy I-IX Special Edition and am now S$80 poorer, but no regrets. Forgot to take a photo of it before lending the 3-CD set to a friend, so I’ll add one here when I have it back.

It’s experiences like these that can really motivate someone to try the Final Fantasy games out. Or at least gives me the motivation to consider it. Maybe I’ll get back to that topic in a few years 🙂

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