My First Manga/Anime

Oh wow. It’s already the 100th post on Manga, my life. \o/ Woohoo! I wanted to do something short and a little different for this milestone.

Are you familiar with the Anime Amino app? It’s a mobile application for Anime enthusiasts to share posts, news, opinions, discussions and chat etc. with other Anime fans. I tried it out last year, but it didn’t seem like a virtual space I could be comfortable in, so I’ve stopped using it. Here’s something I shared a little while before deleting the app off my phone: Hashtag, MyFirstAnime.

#MyFirstAnime and Manga was One Piece「ワンピース」.


[Image source: Viz Media]

No surprise, there. I’m just one of the many thousands—maybe even MILLIONS—of people whose ‘first anime’ (and manga) was One Piece.

‘First anime’ because at the time when I watched some Digimon Adventure or Beyblade or Super Yoyo or Crush Gear or Pokemon, I didn’t actually know what ‘anime’ was. One Piece was legitimately the first series I read AND watched with the knowledge that it was a manga and anime.

There’s no way I can even come CLOSE to waxing lyrical about this amazing series and do it justice. It’s brought me lots of laughter, tears, surprise and frustration to name a few. Taught me the importance of friendship, to dream big, stay strong, never give up and so many other cliche, but admittedly important, lessons. Most of all, it introduced me to the hobby that would shape me and my life for the numerous number of years to come. Thank you so much for creating the world that is One Piece, Eichiro Oda-sensei, and to every single person who has supported/continue to support you and the world of One Piece as well.


Avex One Piece Log Collection

To be honest, I haven’t been keeping up with the series at all. The last episode I watched was in 2008, the last movie (Film Z) I watched was in 2013, and the last manga chapter I read was in 2014. I probably won’t be picking it up again until it’s actually finished, but One Piece will, forever and always, have a special place in my heart.

#MyFirstAnime and Manga wasn’t out of the ordinary at all, but it’s no doubt been an immensely influential part of me.

So, what was your first manga/anime and how was it for you?

17 thoughts on “My First Manga/Anime

    • Aw come on, man! It should finish eventually… right?
      … right?!

      I have a mixed opinion on wanting the series to finish though. On one hand, “Please finish so I can read everything in one shot!”, and then the other hand is like, “PLEASE DON’T FINISH THIS AMAZING WORK.”


      • Yeah, but I just don’t think it will end anytime soon. I mean they’re 800+ chapters into it and they’ve barley went into the new world. I mean over 100+ chapters was dedicated to Dressrosa which is basically just a giant tornament. I’d say at best 10 more years. The anime……I think they’ll go the Naruto way and extend it as long as possible even though the manga had ended.


      • … Holy crap. I didn’t know it was already at 800+ chapters ahahaha OTL Oh well, I guess as long as Oda-sensei finishes One Piece before he dies, and we all get to finish it before we die too, it’s okay 🙂


    • Oh wow, that’s such a classic! I’m kinda bummed to admit I’ve never watched Sailor Moon at all. Not sure I can bring myself to watch it now though, maybe I’ll try the newer series someday.

      Have you watched the new one? How is it compared to the original?

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      • Well, each iteration of Sailor Moon has its good points and bad points. I was disappointed in the new series (Crystal) so far. It’s too rushed for my tastes, and the first season made some eye-rolling changes. Plus the animation can be quite poor. The original anime has too many monster-of-the-day episodes, but if you look online, there are “no filler” episode guides. The 90s anime has more spark, but the manga and Crystal are more mature and have better plot points. I really think Crystal is not the best entry point for Sailor Moon. The 90s anime or manga are better introductions.

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    • Ah, totally know what you mean. Got this love/hate feeling of picking the series back up again just because it’s so darn long. I can’t bear to try when it’s still ongoing…


    • WOW GUNSMITH CATS. I’ve heard of it but totally forgot about reading it. It’s going on my to-read list now 🙂 Thanks!

      I’m a little iffy on picking up Macross cos even though the later series, Macross Frontier, seems popular, i’m not sure if it’s something I’ll enjoy, if Macross is anything like it. I haven’t heard of Voltron before though. Gonna go google it \o/

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    • Aw man, Clamp works are beautiful! I havent read or watched much else besides TRC and CCS though. You just totally reminded me I should, thank you 🙂


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