Event: Fujoshi & Fudanshi Party

This wasn’t a huge convention, nor was it a big event at all, but I had really been looking forward to this Fujoshi & Fudanshi Party since organisation started at the end of last year. I’m not sure if a special interest gathering for BL and Yaoi like this had been organised before in Singapore, but if it hasn’t, it was a total honour to have the chance to attend the first of its kind here.

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If you’re not familiar with the terms, ‘Fujoshi‘, translated to ‘Rotten girl, is a Japanese term for female fans who read/watch manga, anime or novels featuring relationships between two men. ‘Fudanshi‘, translated to ‘Rotten boy’, is the term for male fans. So this meet up, organised by a friend of mine and one other person, was basically a gathering of people who enjoy the Boys Love and Yaoi genre.

The Fujoshi & Fudanshi Party was a really small 2-hour event held on 9th Jan at Minds Cafe with a total of 14 people in attendance (including the 2 organisers); A number of people couldn’t make it.

Besides the one Organiser friend, another friend of mine made it to the gathering 8)) We were given name stickers with our preferred names/nicknames.


A whole programme was planned by the organisers, including activities like Speed Dating, Anime Taboo and Item Exchanges but we ran out of time for a few others.

To facilitate the Speed Dating activity, everyone who had confirmed their attendance a few weeks before had to do a survey with several questions like our favourite artists, favourite series, what our preferences were in regards to BL/Yaoi, favourite pairings, Japanese proficiency etc. During the gathering, each of us there were paired with 3 different people and given a set time to chat before switching to another person. I have to mention, my favourite activity was definitely the Speed Dating because we got the chance to talk to different people about different topics and get to know someone else with similar interests 🙂 It wasn’t even just talking about BL/Yaoi, I actually managed to discuss an ironic analysis of the popular, One Punch Man series with someone genuinely interested, who gave her two cents as well XD

Anime Taboo was played with custom decks made by the two organisers and filled with well-known series as well as a few popular BL and Yaoi series. It was beyond funny listening to how people described each series and having to guess it from the (sometimes absurd) descriptions!

Just before getting chased out of the cafe for overstaying our time, everyone laid out the items they brought for the Gift Exchange on the table and then took whatever they were interested in. I actually managed to snag home 2 HunterXHunter doujinshis that my Organiser friend brought as well as a Lelouch and Wally badge, heheh.

IMG_4514 copy

Besides taking home the doujins and badges, I also took home a few new Mangaka names and BL/Yaoi recommendations to try out \o/ WOOHOO ~

Was probably a little too noisy and loud because I was so excited, but I’m really glad everyone was so enthusiastic and friendly. A BIG thank you to the 2 Fujoshis who organised this meet up and everyone else who went! I had so much fun! XD


2 thoughts on “Event: Fujoshi & Fudanshi Party

    • Yeah it was! I hope the organisers consider doing this as an annual thing because it was really fun. I’d gladly offer my friend to help organise as well XD

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