Event: Cosfest Christmas x Good Game

I originally decided not to go for this convention, but on Christmas Day, a friend asked if I wanted to cosplay with him, so I dug out Nishinoya’s costume and joined his Daichi at the event on Boxing Day.

Cosfest Christmas x Good Game was held at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 26th and 27th of December 2015. If I’m not wrong, this was the first year that Good Game Convention and Cosfest collaborated and merged their two events. Because I wasn’t interested in the programmes happening inside the exhibition halls and didn’t want to get a ticket, I just hung around outside meeting friends, taking photos, and having photos taken 🙂


Kyokishi and I cosplayed Haikyuu!!. Was a little bummed we didn’t manage to borrow a volleyball in time so Kyokishi’s poses (as Sawamura Daichi) were limited, but we made do. Because this was such a last-minute decision to cosplay, I didn’t put as much effort into my makeup and wig-styling as I should have, ahaha… I’m just glad Noya’s cosplay and makeup is fairly simple and I’m sort of familiar with it considering I’ve already cosplayed him multiple times.

A few photographer friends were kind enough to take photos of us 🙂

Haikyuu!!. Karasuno High School. Sawamura Daichi: Kyokishi, Nishinoya Yuu: Killua

          981206_450785621778788_383078613966475831_o     12496076_1082046285180826_2565975710306212028_o

    P: Edwin Lee                             P: SG Strife Photography

  taiga     12471462_1080934468625341_3909062593541074345_o-small

  P: Pinnacle Pictures                          P: SG Strife Photography

(I’ll add more photos when my friends share them 🙂

In contrast to the hectic running around that was AFA, my experience at Cosfest Christmas x Good Game was extremely chill \o/ It was great that I could stop and talk with friends or rest without having to continuously check the time or hurry to another area. Was extremely happy for that. I could even afford the time to sit down for a bit!

After going through the photos I took, I realised I didn’t take many proper photos of other cosplayers. Most of them are selfies with other Haikyuu!! cosplayers and friends instead. Oops. Here’re a few cosplayers anyway. Most of them are friends/acquaiantances. If you happen to know the name and/or page of the cosplayers above that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me.

IMG_3983     IMG_4002

Kana and Tako                                  Kakuo Shiki and Chikaze Anna

IMG_4024     IMG_3978

MiniChaos and Reann Reuel           Fuko

IMG_4006     IMG_4041

 Tsubaki Sato                                      WinterHartz and Laurena

Got the chance to meet a number of news friends and acquiantances that day, which was pretty cool. Even got a few candy canes and a Tokyo Banana from a friend 🙂 Thanks guys.

But what was probably the coolest part of the day was meeting the artist, Keyade; She was going around giving out her A3 Haikyuu prints to Haikyuu cosplayers for free outside the convention hall and Kyo and I were really fortunate to be given her beautiful prints! Thank you so much, Keyade! Gave Akaashi to a friend who loves him, but I absolutely adore Warrior Iwaizumi ❤


Cosfest Christmas x Good Game wraps up Singapore’s pop-culture events in 2015. But I know a number of friends who are currently in Tokyo attending the Winter Comiket which ends today XD Someday I’d like to attend both the Winter and Summer Comikets there. Someday.


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