Event: AFA SG 2015

2 weeks later, I finally remember I haven’t written a post about my experience at AFA…

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 was held at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 27th-29th of November (Fri-Sun) 2015. AFA SG is the one event I look forward to the most every single year; It’s basically the biggest and most-well-known anime convention held annually in in the country. Here’s my post from last year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.44.42 AM

Got Sat’s ticket later.

I mentioned it before and I’ll probably repeat this for a very long time: If there’s one anime convention you should consider making the trip to Singapore for, it’s definitely AFA SG.

There isn’t much to post about that would be interesting for many, but I’d like to share a little of my AFA SG 2015 experience anyway. Note: Extremely long, photo-heavy post.


Day 1 (27/12 Fri) Con Attire

Lim GH

Day 2 (28/12 Sat): Killua Zoldyck – HunterXHunter [P: Lim GH]

Symply Cosplay_1

Day 3 (29/12 Sun): Leonardo Watch – Kekkai Sensen [P: Symply Cosplay]


Was actually supposed to cosplay on Friday and the default version of Leonardo Watch on Sunday, but couldn’t finish both of them in time. Oh well.

I’m glad I didn’t cosplay on the first day (Friday) anyway because a lot of it was spent roaming round the exhibition hall with a friend, queuing up for artist signatures and watching the programs at the main stage. It doesn’t sound like much to do when I put it that way, but a friend and I went into the hall at around 10am and still didn’t manage to cover everything we wanted to by 5pm.

Featured Anime Showcase at main stage: Is The Order A Rabbit?? with Hayami Show


Special Guest Performance by the dance crew, Real Akiba Boyz (RAB) 


That night’s I Love Anisong Concert Artist Appearance, featuring (left to right) BACK-ON, ZAQ, bless4 and CHiCO with HoneyWorks.


John Cena.

Highlight of the day: I Love Anisong Concert. Friday’s I Love Anisong Reboot artist lineup saw BACK-ON, ZAQ, Bless4, Aimer and CHiCO with HoneyWorks on stage. That was pretty darn amazing, and I’m so glad I got VIP tickets for this.


IMG_2033 copy


After the screaming and cheering from the night before, no surprise I lost some of my voice on Saturday. A few friends who were boothing let me join them in the hall extremely early to celebrate a friend’s (one of their booth trio’s) birthday. I was lucky enough to grab this shot at 8am in the morning, an hour before doors to the public opened 🙂


By the time I got into costume and helped my cosplay partner and her sis get into theirs’, it was early afternoon. There weren’t any programs at the main stage that I was interested in, so I spent Saturday running around the exhibition hall and outside (where most of the cosplayers hang around) meeting friends and taking photos. I didn’t take many photos of the exhibitions itself though, maybe just a figure or two… and one of the Gunpla booth…

A few of the cosplayers in the photos below are friends/acquiantances. If you happen to know the name and/or page of the cosplayers above that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me. These are just a handful of photos I took.

IMG_2128      IMG_2132

Left: Aunty Shirley

IMG_2149     IMG_2239

Marcus                                                 Rundaria Cosplay

IMG_2218     IMG_2209

Miyuku Saku Cosplay

IMG_2188     IMG_2157

IMG_2254 copy     IMG_2326

                                                              From left: ?? and Rebby

A number of photographer friends were kind enough to take a few photos of my cosplay partner and I.

Hunter X Hunter. Alluka Zoldyck: Luseth, Killua Zoldyck: Killua (yup, nickname sake.).

SQ 1-smaller     Symply Cosplay 5-cropped-smaller

P: SG Strife Photography                P: Symply Cosplay

At about 6.45pm I ripped off my cosplay, ready for PCF‘s live at the mini stage. If you’re unfamiliar with them, PCF is a 3-man deejay, dance and party crew. They’re amazingly energetic and never fail to liven up the atmosphere with some anisong and a hell of a lot of enthusiasm.


They’ve performed a number of times in Singapore already (at last year’s AFA and Moshi Moshi Nippon Fest) and I try very hard not to miss any of their gigs because it’s probably the only times I actually let loose and party. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll be returning to perform in Singapore again anytime soon 😦 This was apparently their last gig with the AFA organisers.


My body was so high on convention-adrenaline that I didn’t feel like I lost more of my voice… even when I probably did. I also thought cosplaying on Sunday would’ve been less stressful considering I was mostly going solo, but it turned out pretty bad when I screwed up my makeup somewhat. Oh well. Will improve that next time.

Spent the last day of AFA SG running around meeting friends as usual, making last minute purchases and stuff. And also dropping by the main stage to watch a few programs. Even got the chance to meet a few really great cosplayers who had come all the way from Sydney to attend AFA! That was pretty cool.


Sunday’s I Love Anisong Concert Artist Appearance, featuring and May’n, Lia, GARNiDELiA and nano (not on stage)

 IMG_2487    IMG_2574

                                                                     From left: AthensisKAEN

IMG_2595   IMG_2482

2nd (from left) – BurntPie                                        2nd (from left) – Fluffyducky, 3rd – Kyokishi

IMG_2607     IMG_2609

From left – Saejima Kouga

IMG_2644     IMG_2649

  From left: Araya Skye, Zeneith

Met up with 2 friends who were cosplaying the same series I was (Kekkai Sensen) and got some photos taken together XD It would’ve been so much better for photos with them if I had done Leonardo’s default version instead OTL I’m happy I managed to finish making little Sonic though.

Kekkai Sensen. White/Mary Macbeth: 43minutes, Black/William Macbeth: Jasmine, Leonardo Watch: Killua.

Symply Cosplay_3-smaller symply cosplay_4-smaller

P: Symply Cosplay (both)

Since it was the last day of the convention, the exhibition hall closed much earlier than previous days. I stayed to help friends pack up their booth as everything in the hall was being cleared up. Would be lying if I said I didn’t feel any discomfort when I watched things that took quite some time and effort to put up be easily torn down in a matter of seconds; The clear up was really fast.

Post-event dinner with friends was nice, even when all of us were so tired and my head threatened to fall into my soup.

I guess that’s pretty much my AFA SG 2015 experience. I basically spent the weekend having lots of fun, meeting friends, breathing the same air as guests and throwing money (Please don’t ask me how much I spent—).

Definitely gonna miss this weekend for a long time to come.


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