First Impressions (Manga): Dororo

Thanks to the Black Jack binge I was on a few weeks back, trying to read as many of Tezuka-sensei‘s works as I can find has become some sort of a goal in life. I’m in no rush and it’s probably going to take me my whole life, but I’d like to enjoy as many of Tezuka’s works as possible 🙂

Starting this off would be Dororo, which I borrowed from Singapore’s National Library awhile back.

Manga: Dororo 「どろろ」


As a result of his birth father forging a pact with 48 sealed demons and promising each a piece of his unborn child’s body so that he might rule the world, the child was born malformed, limbless and without facial features or internal organs. Dororo is set during the Sengoku period and revolves around the handicapped ronin and his journey to defeat the demons who took parts of his body with a young thief.

WARNING: Tragedy. Violence. Death etc. Actually rather depressing.

Very short post because there isn’t a lot I want to mention here. I’m thinking of saving most of my thoughts for when I can borrow the rest of the short series and write a full post on it.

Horrible backstories, betrayal, discrimination, curses… With how stylised Dororo’s art is, it really doesn’t seem like such a sad or grotesque story at the surface level. Until you start thinking about how tragic the characters and story is as a whole. If Dororo was ever redrawn in a more realistic style, I have no doubt the series would be immensely more depressing and heavy-hearted. I’ve only read one volume so far, but it still breaks my heart every single time the pair of protagonists come across a situation where they’re cast out. It’s probably all thanks to Tezuka-sensei’s art and light-hearted scenes that continue to give readers (or me at least) hope and determination for the protagonists.

I hope I get the chance to read the remaining 2 volumes of the series soon XD

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