Event: GameStart 2015

GameStart 2015 was held at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13-15 November (Fri-Sun) 2015. Since I was busy the first 2 days and didn’t have much I absolutely wanted to see at GameStart, I only went into the hall on Sunday.


Was going to give this event a miss since I’m not that huge a game fan… until I found out that one of the few cosplayers I really admire was going to be a guest. Heads up, long post ahead. I didn’t condense as much this time.

Had planned to get there by about 1pm to see the Cosplay showcase, but the morning was spent on cosplay preparation and I ended up getting there at about 2+pm instead, whoops.

Got to meet Junkers Cosplay Inc. WOOHOO \o/


Reckless Fist (Elsword) without the armor

Okageo was originally supposed to be one of the guest cosplayers, but Junkers took over his place and came instead. I first came across Junkers when I saw his amazing Guts (Berserk) cosplay and then found Okageo because he was cosplaying with Junkers as Griffith. They’re both friggin awesome cosplayers. It would’ve been so cool if the both of them came as guests, but I guess that’s too much of a tall order.


Junkers was such a friendly guy. Apparently Okageo was playing Fallout 4 and kept sending photos while he’s here, hahahaha XD


Good friendship is when you can tease a fellow well-known-cosplayer-friend while signing for fans XD

Maybe someday I’ll get to meet Okageo too.

Besides my main objective of meeting a Guest Cosplayer, I walked around with a friend, took a few photos of cosplayers, spent a lot of time looking through old games for sale and ended up buying a few, listened to Gentle Love on stage (they sounded so good!) and watched a few game demos. Only tried one demo myself though.

IMG_1366    IMG_1300
Left, Cosplayers: Hikaru, Arai Junichi          Right, Cosplayers: Xperia, ??
Most of the cosplayers in the photos above are friends/acquaintances. If you happen to know the name and/or page of the Deadpool please tell me.

The Capcom Street Fighter V stage presentation was really fun. Producer, Yoshinori Ono and Assistant Producer Tomoaki Ayano were really lively and the crowd was immensely enthusiastic.


PS4s were given out for prizes WHOA

A trailer for new characters and the Tutorial stage was shown + we got to see some intense Street Fighter V battles from Street Fighter Tournament champions and the audience.


Event loot

Didn’t expect to spend more besides on Junkers’s cosplay prints, but I caved and got Gameboy Colour Pokemon Gold and Platinum. The guy was really nice and let me have Harvest Moon free. Thank you so much.

It was a pretty great day.

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