NaBloPoMo 2 slow down notice

So… I’ve been horrible at keeping up with NaBloPoMo this time and honestly regret starting it in the first place, but hey, no going back I guess. I’ll finish the 29 days of manga (1st day was the introduction) for November 2015 eventually, but it’s getting to the point where I probably won’t be able to complete them all within the month. I’ll still be blogging, but at a much slower pace than before.

Cosplay preparation and procrastination have has been sucking up a lot of the free time I have left after work. With Anime Festival Asia Singapore (AFA SG) coming up in less than 2 weeks and a lot more to do, I really need to step up on that. Been fumbling my way through really slowly (just like how I fumble through everything in my life. Fake it ’til ya make it, and all that.) but this ‘crunch time motivation’ should do wonders for productivity.

With regular life going on aside from my self-imposed responsibilities to hobbies, my hands are pretty much tied for the remainder of November. I’m equal parts dreading and looking forward to the end of the month. And then it’ll be the last month before the new year, whoa!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the year as well ~


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