First Impressions (Manga): Buddy!!! – Buddy x Body

I think I came across this series while looking for a totally different series and getting that name wrong… but this looked cute, so I decided to click on it.

This is a little change in the format of a First Impressions post, because I realise that this is one manga that is pretty obscure and I can barely find any information about it in English online. It might help if I just add info here 🙂

Manga: Buddy!!! – Buddy x Body 「バディ!!!」


Buddy!!! chp 1 cover

Buddy!!! – Buddy x Body is a Shounene, gender bender, sports manga series by Nishizono Fumiko. It was serialised from April 2013 to April 2015 and is complete with 21 chapters compiled into 4 tankobon volumes.

Ryudo Kagetora aims to be the best basketball player in Japan and enrols into a formerly famous basketball high school, in order to bring it to new glory. He also dislikes girls, ever since a girl beat him at basketball in grade school. Another ace player is joining the basketball team as well, Ichinomiya Chiaki. However, Ichinomiya was an ace on the middle school women’s basketball team who becomes a man when she’s on the basketball court. Ryudo learns her secret, and reluctantly becomes her ally and roommate! [Description taken and edited from Baka-Updates Manga]

I’ve only read 2 chapters of the series as of now as that is all that I can find that’s been scanlated online. I’m considering collecting the original manga volumes just so I can finish reading it XD

WARNING: Light fan service: Many boob shots with some panties. A little bit of vulgarity. Dirty jokes. Nothing much, really.

It was frigging cute.

This is one series you can’t take seriously. It is utterly ridiculous. But as much as how cheesy and absurd it is, it’s pretty darn amusing. Gender bender series are always fun, although I don’t think I’ve actually read many :/ (Recommendations anyone? Heheh.)

Buddy!!! seemed like the kind of series that was meant to be short and finish within a few volumes at most; It would’ve been pretty darn tough to continue it for much longer. Other characters are quirky, but introduced very quickly and the whole story in general doesn’t give the impression of a lot of potential character development. Art is simple and there isn’t focus on the sport of basketball either. It’s very much an instant dose of light-hearted entertainment.

 158097l     buddy_2

Buddy!!! vol 1 cover                  Buddy chp 2 coloured cover

Besides how cute the 1st chapter cover looked, another reason why I decided to try it was was because of the big guy with the spiky hair, Ryudo. From what I’ve read so far, his “I’m going to be the best basketball player in Japan!” is very reminiscence of Kuroko no Basuke’s Kagami Taiga. His personality is somewhat similar as well. But no, Chiaki is definitely unlike any of the other Kurobasu characters, if you’re thinking that. The partnership between Ryudo and Chiaki and situations that get into is predictably funny as heck and I still find myself laughing to the stupid humor XD (easily pleased)

Two chapters went by way too fast and I was really bummed to find out that it’s been almost 2 years since it was last updated online. Seems like I’ll definitely have to get the Japanese manga volumes to finish the series after all.

I just want to see them actually get together, ya know? But that’s highly unlikely, with the kind of manga this is XD


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