Event: STGCC 2015

Here I am 2 weeks late (my delays are getting shorter, yes!!) with a post on my experience at the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention (STGCC). I somewhat mentioned it about 2 weeks ago at the end of my ICDS 2015 post, but who actually remembers that? I barely remember it myself.

The Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) was at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre on the 12th and 13th of September (Sat and Sun) 2015. As I was overseas for most of the last 2 years, the STGCC was another annual Singapore geek event that I kept missing.

But not this time ~ Got the chance to go on Sunday!


So apparently the hall area used for the event this time was a lot smaller compared to 2014. But from what I remember of the event from a few years back, STGCC is definitely growing steadily. The event’s been introducing even more amazing guests (artists, illustrators, cosplayers, seiyuus, musicians and deejays etc.) and highlights every year. You can check out the full guest list from their website if you’re interested.

My experience on Sunday consisted of wandering around the hall looking at the booths, artist alley and hanging out with friends. Photos below.

IMG_9159     IMG_9193

Left, Cosplayer Name: Toshiro

IMG_9217     IMG_9183

Left, Cosplayer Name: Theodora

IMG_9314     IMG_9227

Left, Cosplayer Names: Miyana and Kuro Koneko

IMG_9325     IMG_9254

Left, Cosplayer Name: Kyen

IMG_9204     IMG_9243

A few of the cosplayers in the photos above are friends/acquiantances. If you happen to know the name and/or page of the cosplayers above that I didn’t mention the name of, please tell me.

I actually even managed to get a photo of one of the cosplay guests, Yui, who was there, but at that time didn’t realise she was a guest, HAHA. I honestly just thought her Jolyne Kujo (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Part VI: Stone Ocean) cosplay was amazing and stopped her for a photo.


Isn’t she gorgeous.


Spent most of my time at the STGCC stage for game producer Toshimichi Mori‘s first panel, and then another one with well-known seiyuu, Sugita Tomokazu. Those were immensely interesting and entertaining. I was really excited to be able to listen to Sugita’s voice in real life. Someone even requested for him to sing the Doraemon Opening theme as it was sung by Gintoki in Episode 272 of Gintama (shown below)! It was friggin hilarious, definitely the highlight of the panel XD


I’m pretty proud of myself this time round for being able to curb my spending. I guess that’s what going to multiple events in such a short time does to you. Here’s what I spent on while I was there:


Bought sleeping-float-Nagisa off a friend awhile ago, so he should not be counted.

This was just a simple recap on my experience during the one day I went to STGCC 2015. I seem to end up rambling whenever I’m posting about Convention experiences, gah. Of course, there is always so much more to an event besides what I go through. If you’d like to read more about what was happening at STGCC 20155 from another blogger, do check out The Cosplay Chronicles and her coverage of the event 🙂

Almost forgot, a few friends and I took a photo with these guys after donating a little to a charity there.


I swear those faces I drew on weren’t our actual expressions.

Update: You can find my experience at 2016’s STGCC here.


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