Manga: Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa


I’ve actually had this drafted since the beginning of the year but never had the motivation to finish it because I couldn’t seem to put into words how much this manga had inspired me. I had never thought of a ‘New Year’ as something depressing, but for some reason or another, the first 2 weeks of 2015 (you can see how I’ve put this off for 9 months…) weren’t the best. At that point in time I remember feeling horrible, resigned, and kind of sad but I don’t remember why.

Then I read this. And it really cheered me up.

Manga: Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa 『ぼくとネコと初恋交差』Me and Cat and First Love Intersection


Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa is a Yaoi, slice-of-life, school-life, romance manga by Miyoshi Ayato. It spans 5 chapters with an Extra and was published in 2013 straight to tankoubon.

Kirishima “Maa-chan” Masao and Kurokawa “Tai-chan” Taisuke have been friends since they were little — both looking out for each other, but when Maa-chan catches Tai-chan being assaulted by a teacher, he can’t help but blame himself for always thinking and never acting on his desire to protect his friend. [Baka-Updates Manga]

WARNING: Guyxguy relationship. NSFW. Somewhat explicit with sex scenes and parts are shown but not drawn in detail. 

I apologise for spoilers below. There’s no way I can write about this series without spoilers.

Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa is one of my top favourite yaoi mangas of all the ones I’ve read so far.

It’s not anything amazing in regards to story or art. It’s not extremely sexy or is it a roller-coaster-ride of feelings. It’s such a generic, simple, cliche yaoi that I’m finding it pretty hard to come up with the proper words to explain what exactly I want to say about it…

This probably sounds really silly, but the main reason why I feel so strongly about Boku no Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa is because… one of the main characters will be an inspiration to me for as long as I live.

Yup, that’s it. Ahahahah… I feel a little embarassed now.

Kurokawa “Tai-chan” Taisuke is amazing. He’s not a righteous hero with superpowers intent on saving the world with great morales or anything, no. He’s a normal high school student with troubles of his own: An only child living living with his alcoholic, violent, divorced dad, a seemingly unrequited love for his childhood friend, getting assaulted by his teacher—okay wait, that’s not very ‘normal’—but you get what I mean. Throughout all this, he’s the most upbeat, optimistic and cheerful character I’ve EVER come across. I admire him and hope to become the kind of person with half the emotional strength he has.

BtoNtoHK chp 2 cover

BtoNtoHK chp 2 cover

Boku no Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa is tooth-achingly sweet, with a relatively soothing atmosphere. The series is mostly told from the perspective of Maa-chan, the seme, with the exception of one chapter told from the perspective of Tai-chan.

Like most other yaois, the focus is on the relationship between its characters and there are little to no backgrounds. The range of contrasts in screentones are minimal and even with the ups and downs of the story, the series keeps a generally bright disposition (mirroring Tai-chan’s positive personality). It’s pretty quirky too, especially with Maa-chan and Tai-chan’s earnest personalities. Ugly, fat cat, Bunya-san definitely contributed to that quirky-factor too. With the lack of angst and huge conflicts, everything progresses extremely fast. Before I knew it, I had already finished the one volume tankoubon, haha.

Considering this manga was never serialised in any magazine, I’m so darn glad a scanlation group (September Scanlations) picked it up. I ended up placing an order for the tankobon through Kinokuniya and now have a physical copy 🙂 Woohoo!

Reading this light-hearted story at a time when I was down really lifted my spirits. It was refreshing and exactly what I needed. I felt like I could continue to stay strong, just like Kurokawa Taisuke.

Tai-chan will be my emotional motivator for life.

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