Event: Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival 2015

The Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival 2015 in Singapore was held last on the 5th and 6th of Sept 1 (Sat and Sun), just a little more than a week ago, at *Scape. This event was different from a lot of other pop-culture events in Singapore in that I didn’t expect to see cosplayers roaming about. There was a cosplay segment, but this event was primarily dedicated to promoting Japanese pop-culture as a whole — it’s music, dance, fashion… all in the hopes of people making the trip over to Japan.


The main reason why I was there that weekend was because of the guests that were coming. They were pretty damn awesome. WORLD ORDER, CAPSULE, Tempura Kidz, Yanaginagi, HachiojiP, kz (livetune), Anna Yano, BPM15Q, PCF, matsushita, AMIAYA, … just to name a few. I thought it was cool how the guests that were present ranged in popularity. Pretty sure anyone who went to see specific guests that weekend went home interested in others as well. At least, I know I was XD

Many photos ahead; They show more than I need to.

The event programme was split into 2 parts:

  • The day programme with booths, mini stage and main stage programmes
  • And then there was the concert on both nights with different guests playing each night

Their mascot’s cute.



Was originally agonising whether I should go for the concert on Saturday because I really like World Order’s music and dance. I just wasn’t sure if I was willing to pay S$88 just to see them for a few songs because they were lined up with a few other artists as well.

Turns out a friend was lucky and won tickets so I bought them off him at a discount… and then found out I won tickets too. HAHA. Well, that’s that.

Saturday’s concert lineup started with the Tempura Kidz, then went on to World Order, and then CAPSULE. It was so much fun.


Tempura Kidz


World Order

Was actually surprised World Order didn’t have Have A Nice Day in their set list.


CAPSULE with Yasutaka Nakata

I didn’t know CAPSULE before the concert. But if clubs regularly played music like this, I would honestly consider going every week.

Wasn’t originally planning to go on Day 2, but I definitely didn’t get enough of watching PCF on Saturday during their mini stage gig. The two main groups I attended the event for was WORLD ORDER and PCF after all.


Got my attire for day 2 on day 1.


PCF (left to right) – Keitan, Tadanon, TAKUMA


Harajuku Fashion Show

PCF even had a crazy final gig on the main stage. I have never partied so hard in my life and I’m not sure I ever will ever again. Unless it’s another major PCF gig.




Got photos with the Party Rock Yarou Crew (PCF) as well as the super cute Tempura Kidz \o/ WOOHOO.



I guess this post is basically somewhat of a photo spam, but I really had way too much fun that weekend thanks to the amazing event guests and awesome friends I hung out with.


Went home with a mascot balloon 🙂

Got quite a few more posts to clear, but I’m glad I’m making progress on clearing backlog. Thank you for staying with my blog through this while I get myself sorted out 🙂


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