Event: ICDS 2015

Oh crap, look at all this backlog because I haven’t been posting. Serves me right. I’ve apologised too much for being an ass and not keeping this updated already.

The biggest problem I had with not keeping this blog updated wasn’t because I didn’t have time. It was because I stressed too much about what to write. More about that later. For now, I’ll just write what I experienced and try not to think so much 🙂

Cue messy backlog of events and other things. Manga will come in a bit.

ICDS (International Cosplay Day Singapore) was held at *Scape about 3  weeks ago, on the 22nd and 23rd of  August. Because I couldn’t make it to the EOY event that happened while I was working at Card Games Asia, ICDS was actually the first cosplay/pop-culture related event I could go for since coming back from my studies in Australia.


Cosplay Guest, Jin (behindinfinity)

The Saturday (22nd Aug) was spent hanging out with my family and then watching Takizawa Kabuki in the evening so I only went on Sunday. I missed it so much — I missed the atmosphere, meeting old and new friends, throwing my money at new fan merchandise… Okay, maybe I didn’t miss the throwing money part, but I definitely missed looking at all the beautiful fan merch.

ICDS is actually known for something pretty cool in the Singapore Cosplay Circle — Cosplay Chess. Every year, a number of cosplayers will perform on stage and put up a choreographed Cosplay Chess performance on the 2nd day (Sunday) of the event. Besides Cosplay Chess, there are other stage events like Panels from Fightsaber and Cosplay guests, a dance competition and Cosplay runway shows etc., but the Chess is definitely the highlight. At least for me.

I’ve never been into Cosplay Chess, this is actually my first time watching it live. If you’re not into cosplay, it might look a little stupid and kind of messy. But seeing the efforts of people preparing a costume for a character and then portraying it in a deliberate show on stage WITH other characters from different series… it’s as close to watching how two totally different characters would act towards each other in real life. That’s interesting. And pretty darn entertaining, at least to me.

Because I couldn’t find a video of this year’s ICDS Cosplay Chess, so here’s part 1/3 from 2013. It’s gotten so much better since then.


Was a little bummed I couldn’t get to meet the cosplay guest for ICDS, Jin (behindinfinity), and get a photo with her, but I probably should’ve paid more attention to the Meet & Greet times anyway. Hahahaha OTL I really admire how TuxTeam (the group Jin (behindinfinity’s a part of) always puts such amazing amount of detail and effort into their cosplays. This thorough effort really shows in their craft. Do check them out on their website! 🙂

And… like I said previously… beautiful fan merch.


Just take my money.

NO NO NO, I didn’t blow that much just in this event alone, some of these were when I wasn’t in Singapore so a friend helped me get them first.

That… doesn’t make it any better does it.

My experience ICDS was mostly meeting friends, taking photos, watching Cosplay Chess and throwing money I guess. I don’t intend to cosplay for any event until a the big Anime Festival Asia at the end of the year. I’m looking forward to that. but for now, I’d like to get the rest of my life in order and enjoy the rest of the events in Singapore as I am 🙂

Oh man, I ended up getting carried away and rambled for a lot longer than I thought I would. There’re a few other stuff I’ve resolved to backlog with before returning to manga. But right now, I’m going to get ready to head off to another event, the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention (STGCC)!

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