The past month since I’ve been back in my home country’s been pretty uncertain, but I guess now I’m finally settling into some sort of a more predictable schedule. There’s still going to be a lot of adjustments and uncertainties, but for now, I’m happy and content with where I am so that’s something 🙂

It’s taken almost a month, but hey, I’ll be trying to post more often to make up the past month and more of inactivity. Hoping I can get back into the groove enough to make up for the half-assed effort I’ve put in for the earlier months of the year as well, ahaha. I’m happy to report that Manga, my life.’s been nominated for few blog awards \o/ Will have to get cracking on those alongside regular posts.

I apologise for been slow on updates. I don’t feel like I can be the kind of blogger who can make a schedule and stick to it. As I’ve mentioned so many times before, I’d like to enjoy sharing about my interests here without it feeling like a chore.

Whether you’ve been following Manga, my life. for awhile or have only found this space recently, thank you for your kind attention and  for putting up with my wilfulness. My hobbies take up an immense part of my life and here’s hoping I’m able to share a little bit of this love with you guys.

I hope you enjoy/continue to enjoy reading this blog as much as I love writing in it.


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