First Impressions (Anime): Ushio to Tora

It was a total spur-of-the-moment decision to start reading Ushio to Tora a few days ago (before watching the anime) and now I’m currently almost halfway through the 33 volume series… but losing some steam. The momentum from the start has kind of plateaued and I’m honestly finding it a little tiring to continue. I’d loathe to drop it after coming so far though, especially since it’s a completed series.

Watching the first two episodes today was a breath of fresh air.

Anime: Ushio and Tora 「うしおととら」 ⇒ Summer 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.21.09 PM

WARNING: Shounen violence covers it.

I have to say… Ushio to Tora has a pretty exciting start. Part of the reason is probably because the two main characters have such lively personalities, you just can’t help rooting for them (and laughing along with their jokes).

The first thing that caught my interest was Ushio’s voice. I liked how it was relatively deep, but still seemed like it had a rough, child-ish quality to it to suit a 14-year-old. The more I heard it, the more his voice grew on me. Googled a bit and… WHOA. His seiyuu, Hatanaka Tasuku, is a year younger than I am?! (What am I doing with my life…) Haven’t heard his side roles in World Trigger and Kuroko no Basket Season 3, nor his main role in the multiple Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal(s), but definitely looking forward to hearing more of his unique voice. And then of course there’s the awesome Koyama Rikiya (other roles: Fate/stay Emiya Kiritsugu, Detective Conan Mouri Kogorou, Kekkai Sensen Klaus von Reinhertz etc.) with an entertaining Tora.

Another thing I found pretty interesting was the way in which certain shots were framed and how these shots contributed to the atmosphere of each scene.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.22.34 PM

This was pretty cool.

Watching the first 2 episodes so far felt 10x better than just reading it. I know you can’t compare a 1990 manga and a 2015 anime, but being able to see the comical dialogue between the characters (especially Ushio and Tora) animated makes it that much more enjoyable. I can’t say I was very fond of Ushio’s demon spear-wielding form in the manga, but I must concede, he really does look cool in the anime.

I probably won’t be able to recommend the Ushio to Tora manga to many people even if they love the Shounen genre, but it seems like this anime’s been able to spruce it up where its manga-form was lacking. Definitely keen to see how the rest goes 🙂 Plus, the opening and ending themes are darn catchy XD

What were your first impressions on Ushio to Tora?



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