First Impressions (anime): Gangsta.

Anime: Gangsta. 「ギャングスタ」 ⇒ Summer 2015

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If it wasn’t evident enough from the last post I did, I WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS ANIME due to several reasons,

  1. The manga is great. I wrote a post about it previously.
  2. The 2 main male seiyuus.
  3. I was really interested to see how the style and story of the manga was going to be translated into an anime.
  4. (This is a spoiler that will be revealed after the WARNING section below.)

I am definitely unable to write this without spoiling a little bit of the episode and apologise in advance. Also, please note that I am writing this in the viewpoint of someone who basically already knows the series beforehand.

WARNING: Profanity. Minor gore and blood. Some NSFW. Mature themes.

I actually watched the first episode twice. One day after the other, once without subs (raw) and another time with subtitles. Was originally planning to wait for subs before watching it at all… but then I saw a gif on twitter and remembered that I could actually see signing animated and in action.


It didn’t even matter if I couldn’t exactly understand 70% of the dialogue, I WAS GOING TO WATCH IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you don’t already know or guessed, one of the main characters in this series is deaf and usually uses sign language to communicate with his partner… and I was pretty thrilled to be able to see it all animated. Sounds weird I guess, but I’m pre-tty sure I’m not the only one who was excited over this.

I’m also sure I wasn’t the only one excited over the seiyuu cast list. Being able to hear both Suwabe Junichi and Tsuda Kenjirou as the sexy voices of the 2 main characters… I’m not even sure how to describe this intense happiness. In the most eloquent of words,

And they aren’t the only ones with great voices either. I’m immensely happy with Mamiko Noto’s Alex, as well as a number of other characters’ voices.

Nicolas (Tsuda Kenjirou) and Worrick (Suwabe Junichi)

Nicolas (Tsuda Kenjirou) and Worick (Suwabe Junichi)

When the anime was first announced, I was honestly apprehensive about how this series was going to be adapted into an anime. The manga had a very distinct style and atmosphere to it — minimalistic, grungy, with a unique brand of street-style cool-ness that was so immensely distinctive to Kohske-sensei — and I thought it as going to be pretty difficult to portray this style in an anime adaptation. The anime atmosphere is definitely a lot different (that’s to be expected), but I’m glad it still keeps a bad-ass, cool style to it. Let’s hope it continues that way.

I think I’m the kind of person who’s extremely easily pleased (and am bias to the series) so this might not amount to much, but I thought the first episode of Gangsta. was a really good start. It was an introduction into the main characters (who they are, what they do), the story’s setting, and if you paid enough attention, there was even an inkling into important aspects of information that would come up in the future.

Gangsta. has such a well-woven story where it’s really hard to tell when an arc starts and ends. I’m looking forward to seeing how the anime will portray everything and just where exactly the 12 episodes are going to end at.

If you’re not familiar with the series at all and are just starting with the anime, please, I urge you to continue with it. Go on to the second episode like I’m gonna do right now 🙂 Or even better, read the manga as well XD


3 thoughts on “First Impressions (anime): Gangsta.

    • I’m not a big fan of watching anime online, so I get most of the new seasons’ english subbed episodes from Horriblesubs 8) They’re amazing and sub most of the airing series.

      Nope, I’m not watching the new Death Note live-action series, currently. I’ve heard it’s pretty bad from a few friends, so I’m not sure if I will. Maybe when it’s finished airing or has more episodes in… but I really don’t know.


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