Anime Season Interests: Summer 2015

To keep up with what’s airing this season and when each episode is, I go to There’re other chart sites, but this one is really convenient. You can customise the schedule chart to your timezone and the order at which you’d like to see the titles in etc.

Let’s get to it.

Here are the television-airing anime that have piqued my interest this season (in no specific order):

  1. Gangsta. 「ギャングスタ」–> I REALLY LOVE THE MANGA. There is no question, I AM GOING TO WATCH THE ANIME. Here’s the post I did on the manga series previously. [First Impressions]
  2. Aquarion Logos 「アクエリオンロゴズ」 –> Completed the first Aquarion (Still don’t remember how I managed to get through it), but never watched Aquarion Evol. And now here’s the third one.
  3. Ushio to Tora 「うしおととら」Ushio and Tora –> This 1990s manga series is pretty high on my to-read list. [First Impressions]
  4. Junjou Romantica 3 「純情ロマンチカ3–> Yaoi. Of course I’ve watched the first 2 seasons!
  5. Kangoku Gakuen 「監獄学園」Prison School –> My friends have been telling me to read this manga because it is ecchi and hilarious and I’ll do that before watching it.
  6. God Eater –> I really want to see the animation for this because it’s by ufotable! Fate/stay night UBW was gorgeous.
  7. Makura no Danshi 「枕男子」Pillow Boys –> I’d like to see the camera work and how the first-person perspective will be portrayed.

Movies and OVAs:

  1. Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 3 & 4 「コードギアス 亡国のアキト」Code Geass: Akito the Exiled –> The whole Code Geass series will always have a special place in my heart.
  2. Bakemono no Ko 「バケモノの子」The Boy and the Beast –> Directed by Hosoda Mamoru. (The Girl Who Lept Through Time, Summer Wars)
  3. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 「昭和元禄落語心中」Shōwa Genroku Storyteller Suicide –> The original manga is by Kumota Haruko-sensei and I’ve read some of her other works but not this one.

I’m not including Durarara!!x2 Ten because even though I’ve watched the first season of Drrr, I didn’t actually start on the second season when the first part (Durarara!!x2 Shou) aired in January. I could give a few more reasons for a few more not in this list, but I might never finish typing this post.

Of course there are others that sound and look really good as well, but these are the ones that have stood out to me the most, not just because of their synopsis storyline and promotional images.

I wonder how many television-airing anime I’ll actually bother to keep up with this season, hahaha. Gangsta. is a DEFINITE given though.

What animes are you looking forward to this season?


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