‘Anime Season Interests’ Intro

I’m not into anime like I’m obsessed into manga, so I was honestly still debating whether I should do one of these posts at the start of every new season of anime. I actually did a post at the Start of the Winter 2015 Anime Season, but didn’t mention which anime interested me then.

I have a really bad tendency to watch a few episodes of a series and then just kind of… forget… about continuing it. Ahaha… And then by the time I remember I still haven’t finished it, I’ve lost all motivation to. Besides the select few like Kekkai Sensen and Arslan Senki, I haven’t even been keeping up with last season’s anime. Whoops. Since all my housemates are currently back in our home country and I’m alone in the house, no one’s there to remind and watch with me, haha.

Here’s a new section for the blog again I guess 🙂

‘Anime Season Interests’ will be a simple list with little explanation of what animes I’m interested and looking forward to for the new season of anime coming out. I might be interested in the adaptation, the animation, the synopsis, the voice actors, whatever. Them being on the list doesn’t mean I’m 100% watching nor posting about them though. There’s even a chance I don’t watch most of the list and just watch something else instead! Haha. I highly doubt so, but we’ll see.

If I’m able to pique your interest even a little for the new anime coming out that you might not have thought about before, I think I’ve done a good job XD

It’d be so cool if you guys could share which animes you’re looking forward to in the new seasons too! (whether in the comments or private message, whichever you’re comfortable with) I’m always open to recommendations 🙂


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