Event: Supanova Gold Coast 2015

Aaaaagghhh… School work is piling up and I don’t have time for much else. It’s going to be a long while until my next blog post. I’m really sorry, but my priorities during whatever free time I have is usually either to read manga/fanfiction or watch anime. Blogging is going to stay low on that list for the moment.

For now though, here’s a post on my volunteer experience at the Gold Coast Supanova Pop Culture Expo last weekend ūüôā


Just look at that Kawaii Koala… No, seriously, that’s what it was called. I’m not joking.

Supanova is an annual pop culture expo that is held in multiple locations around Australia at different times of the year. They have pretty awesome Guests, programmes and other stuff going on during every event. Check out their website and Facebook page¬†if you’d like to know more info.

Because volunteers had to be on location at about 8am and I stay near the city in Brisbane, I had to wake up at 5am every morning to make it to Gold Coast on time. That one-hour train ride was my chance to get more shut eye to and from the event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Still managed to leave early enough each night to get home before 11pm. (besides Friday, but I’ll get to that.)


Volunteer shirt and tag \o/

On Friday I skipped a few school meetings and we got to collet our volunteer T-shirts and passes. Red, because there were a number of Star Trek Guests at the convention this year and Tuxedo Mask, because the English dub voice actor was another one of the Guests at Supanova.

Most of us volunteers spent the first half of Friday packing show bags or setting the hall up (bump-in). In the afternoon, we split up into our different divisions. I was supposed to be in Stage Management, but I got transferred to Social Media…

And then find out I’m the only ‘Social Media Assistant’ out of all the volunteers at the event… THAT WAS QUITE THE NERVE-WRECKING REVELATION. Thank goodness my supervisor was really encouraging and walked me through everything. Managing the event’s social media accounts wasn’t hard at all, but it was somewhat tedious and there were a few customer-service-situations that needed follow up. It didn’t feel like I did much, but it was nice being able to help her even just a little, especially since she was juggling her young daughter¬†as well.

By the second day (Sat), I’d spruced my lanyard up with badges I got previously XD


Got to enter the convention hall free of charge, watch the first two episodes of Daredevil on Friday¬†night (this ended at 10pm so I only got back after midnight ON THE LAST BUS, phew.) and attended a Q&A session as well as sneak peak to Mad Max: Fury Road on Sunday. Managed to go round booths with my housemate who came down on Saturday and met up with two other friends from Singapore who were in Australia for a holiday and flew to GC for Supanova. Isn’t that awesome?!¬†

Wish I had more time to go around to see more cosplayers, but sacrificing convention-time is definitely part of volunteering for one.¬†Also didn’t get to roam around the convention hall much, but I’m thankful I got to go through the artist alley a few¬†times and get the merch I wanted XD


Personal loot 8D

Uh… Probably spent as much on merchandise for other people as I did for myself…

I really can’t express how glad I am that I had the chance to volunteer for the Gold Coast Supanova Pop Culture Expo. Had fun AND learnt immensely more working 3 days for GCnova than I have working a week of internship, all thanks to my supervisor and the management crew. Even made a friend or two there which I hope to keep in contact with.

It was a tiring weekend,¬†but everything was absolutely worth it. Since this is my last semester studying in Australia, it’s unlikely I’ll get the chance to volunteer for Supanova again. A little sad about that, but maybe sometime in the future I’ll be able to attend Sydney or Melbourne’s Supanova… and you never know, ya know?

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