First Impressions (Anime): Arslan Senki

“The anime of a manga drawn by FMA’s mangaka, Arakawa Hiromu.”

That was all I knew about Arslan Senki before shifting over with my housemate to watch the first episode while having lunch a few days ago.

Anime: Arslan Senki 「アルスラーン戦記」The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 6.17.16 PM

I thought I’d be able to get a head start on a report assignment during this Uni holiday week. But after finishing this first episode, I just ended up starting on the manga.


For someone who’s (probably) favourite manga is of the historical fantasy genre, I’m not that big a fan of historical or fantasy stories. It’s not that the set and plot don’t appeal to me, I… uh… I just suck at remembering location/faction names and details of political strife… so I have trouble understanding stuff sometimes…

That sounds so pathetic.

Didn’t have a problem with the start of the Arslan Senki anime though! Thank goodness 🙂 The introduction of the conflict between the 2 factions was clearly explained AND shown right from the get-go; You get to understand the unmistakably contradicting opinions from both sides of the war through the eyes of the two young characters in this episode’s spotlight.

The first episode basically covered the whole first chapter of Arakawa Hiromu’s 2013 manga adaptation. Personal opinion, I think the anime’s story flow was a lot better than the first manga chapter. It gave a more overall view on the events that were taking place. Smoothed out rough edges, filled in a few gaps and violà! GREAT STORY FLOW \o/

Also took a little bit of pride in being able to identify the seiyuu of one of the characters XD Only because I really like Yoshimasa Hosoya’s voice. Ehehehehe.

Actual first thought: Ah, he's cute.

Actual first thought: “Ah, he’s cute.”

Had a hunch that Arslan Senki was a pretty old — and immensely successful — novel series, but I never realised just how old or successful it was. The author, Tanaka Yoshiki-sensei, started writing it in 1986 and is still writing as of 2008, with 14 novels and one side story in its official guidebook. There’ve been numerous adaptations of the series before this current 2015 anime as well.

Thanks to Arslan Senki, I spent the rest of the afternoon to night binge-reading a few other Arakawa Hiromu mangas too… and managed to complete Juushin Enbu: Hero Tales 『獣神演武 HERO TALES』at 2.30am the next day. HAHA. Looks like there’s another manga I should write a post on soon.

Manga 1 – Report 0.


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